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Melanie Lissack

About me

Hi, I'm Melanie Lissack, a content creator and writer of the 4 x award-winning UK interiors blog Melanie Lissack Interiors, named as one of the best interior blogs by Ideal Home Magazine and author Kate Watson-Smyth. On my blog, you will find my top picks and curated selections of the most cutting edge furniture and home accessories. I'm attracted to perfectly curated colour palettes and modern design. As a DIY and decorating enthusiast, I love to frequently redesign rooms in my own home, before selecting the perfect final touches via ufurnish. I decided to team up with ufurnish.com to bring you my selection of the best interior products available, all under one roof! This blog started in March 2016 and has evolved quite a lot in that time. When I launched it we had just moved house, I was jobless after taking redundancy at 8 months pregnant and I needed to be clever when it came to furnishing it. The blog started simply as a documentation of designing my house with DIY and on a budget, but as life has moved on and my love of interiors and knowledge around furnishing my own home has grown, I now focus less on writing about budget interiors and more about what excites me in decorMelanie Lissack

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