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Stacey Sheppard

About me

Stacey Sheppard is a freelance writer and award-winning interior design blogger. She started her blog, The Design Sheppard, in 2009 and it is now ranked as one of the top interior design blogs in the UK. She has written for various print and online publications including Livingetc.com, Warehouse Home, Devon Home, Taste Buds, and Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine amongst others. She has appeared on panels for industry events, judged industry awards and featured on national TV as an interiors expert. She has a particular interest in Biophilic Design and bringing nature into our interiors and how this can have a profoundly positive effect on or mental and physical health and wellbeing. Working with ufurnish.com is brilliant as it allows me to cut through all the noise online and save time as I can search the furniture market in one place to find the furniture items that I am looking for. It really helps to combat the overwhelm that comes from having access to hundreds of online furniture retailers. I originally set up The Design Sheppard as a way to round up all the inspirational and innovative projects, products, concepts and design events that I come across whilst conducting research for the articles that I write. Stacey Sheppard

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