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Inspiration Behind The Brand: Yark Beds

Yark Beds was created when its founder, Marcus Gabbie, was looking to buy a new bed for his home. He thought it would be simple to find a well designed and high quality product, but in fact there was very little choice and lots of variation in quality. From that came his vision for Yark Beds, and Marcus has launched one of the most exciting bed companies in the UK. Co-founder and CEO, Deirdre McGettrick, sat down with Marcus to learn more about the business and find out how he is changing how we all find our perfectly designed bed.

Grey Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed - Winged Double

Q1. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Yark Beds?

I was moving home several years ago and found buying a bed really hard. All the designs looked the same, super expensive and you had to wait a full 12 weeks for delivery. I needed it in 48 hours as I was moving into my new home.  Yark came from my own personal experience and the frustration I felt when buying a new bed, surely good design, quality and decent delivery times shouldn't be that hard.

Grey Fabric Bed - Scroll Sleigh Double

Q2. Yark Beds provide luxury, custom made beds that people can afford. Tell our readers why your products are so distinct?

With Yark, it’s all about you. It’s all about giving you control. Control over every aspect of how your bed looks, to when it arrives. Usually, this level of customisation has a sizeable cost associated with it, but not here. Manufacturing our bed parts ourselves means we can cut out a whole group of middlemen, maintaining high quality standards at a surprisingly reasonable price point.
Plus there are none of the 12 week delivery times. Across all our in stock products (of which is 90% of our offer), we deliver within 48 hours, or on a day that suits you.

Blue Velvet Super King Ottoman Bed - Panel Headboard

Q3. Yark Beds is laser focused on quality and has 3 key principles in developing products: Skilled labour, no cutting corners and thoughtful touches. Can you tell us more about the bed creation process and how Yark Beds brings its quality promise to life?

That’s right. As we’re in control of the manufacturing process, we are able to only use the highest quality materials in every single bed part we produce. For example, our buttons aren’t just stuck on they’re deeply embedded to create maximum impact. There’s no stitching on the footboard and side rails, so it’s just one seamless stretch of fabric. To achieve that you need a thicker, weightier fabric. In our ottoman bases, we include storage boards. So everything sits off the floor. 

The designs themselves, they’re different and unique. We work directly with our customers to create the designs and make sure we’re able to produce what they want.

All these points seem small but your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, in what I believe is the most important room in your home. 

Art Deco Double Dark Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

Q4. What does the next 12 months look like for Yark Beds and what should our community look out for?

We’re launching lots more headboard styles and fabrics over the next 6-12 months. We’ve recently launched our Boucle collection across 5 new headboards, all limited edition. Its a perfect way to refresh a room and keep your bedroom on trend without replacing the whole bed. Keep your eyes peeled for our new releases.

To search and discover products from Yark Beds click here or to discover many more amazing furniture retailers across the entire market, simply click here.

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