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Topps Tiles autumn winter bathroom tile trends

Topps Tiles autumn winter bathroom tile trends

Transforming your bathroom is a big investment, not only should the space work practically for you every day, but it should also reflect your personality and taste. Harriet Goodacre, Tile Consultant at Topps Tiles, takes you through the top 6 bathroom tile trends going into autumn/winter to tap into and help revamp your bathroom with style.

Mix & match

Mix and match tile trend with Topps Tiles and

In theory, having the same tile on the wall and floor will make your bathroom feel bigger as you don’t see an edge however, sometimes it can have the opposite effect and feel too enclosed and lacking in depth.
Mixing your tile designs can lend an eclectic finish to your room and helps draw your eye around giving the illusion of a bigger space. The key is to stick to a couple of colours and make them harmonious with each other.
Try a subway shaped tile in juxtaposition with a fun geometric format in a similar size and a classic larger tile on the floor. If you stick to a similar colour palette, the room will blend nicely whilst the different sizes, surfaces and textures add interest.
A floating sink unit will help a space feel bigger, alternatively, you could block in your pipes with a mock wall and tile it for a clean finish.

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Tantalising terrazzo

Terrazzo bathroom tiles trend with Topps Tiles and

There have been many forms of terrazzo in the last few years, but an earthy and realistic terrazzo will stand the test of time. We particularly love a matt finish for a bathroom, whether on the wall or floor.
The material itself is enough to make a modern statement but we love pairing a noteworthy tile with an equally interesting accessory like the bathroom mirror.
Let the tile do the talking and keep the rest of the room neutral in tone and decoration.
Tiles featured: Topps Tiles Suburbia Natural

Matte finishes

Matte finish bathroom tile trend with Topps Tiles and

Glossy tiles have reigned supreme for years, but matte is certainly having a moment. We particularly love them both mixed together to create an interesting contrast.
A matte tile finish often makes it easier to play with colour, earthy deep tones like burnt amber, terracotta and cocoa look lovely with traditional white sanitary ware and come alive against coloured ceramics.
Bathroom lighting is key when using a matte finish, you want something soft and warm that will be absorb by the tile, this will in turn create a cosy and cocooning atmosphere, perfect for that relaxing bath.
Tiles featured: Topps Tiles Matrix Collection Burnt Amber Matt

Surface texture

Flute sage tiles by Topps Tiles

Slip resistant, stone effect, reeded or glossy. Different tile finishes will create a different aesthetic in your bathroom. Texture not only adds interest, but it often makes an area look and feel more expensive too.
A textured floor that offers slip resistance is a good idea in a bathroom, especially with a family, as it can bring peace of mind in wet areas. They also allow for a wet room environment which is not only easier to clean, but it also looks great too. The stylish sleek finish of a wet room is a minimalists’ dream.
For the walls, it’s all about 3D shapes and texture, reeded textures are everywhere in interiors at the moment, from expensive glassware, Crittal shower doors to intricate light fittings. 
Tiles featured: Topps Tiles Flute Sage

Country terracotta

Terracotta tiles by Topps Tiles

Terracotta is heavily associated with Mediterranean style and although it’s a complete vibe, it doesn’t necessarily suit our British homes. A great way to reinterpret terracotta is in a modern country setting, the rustic nature of the material and its colouring work perfectly with the soft country neutrals and natural materials.
There are many formats available in the newly reimagined terracotta trend, but we love the classic square and bullnosed edging pieces on steps and skirting. You can beat a classic country boot room leading to an elegant WC. Ensure you add plenty of accessories to your WC for guests to admire.
Tiles featured: Topps Tiles Quarry

Victorian flooring

Victorian bathroom tiles by Topps Tiles

Classic Victoriana never really goes away, but the intricate patterns can be modernised with contemporary colours to add a playful edge to a style staple.
Depending on your taste, you can carry on the vintage theme with a traditional Victorian wall tile or you can go extravagant with a white-based marble. Dark sanitary ware and bathroom furniture ensure the overall feel is timeless and not a pastiche of the era.
Tiles featured: Topps Tiles Victorian Flooring Darlington Blue

There are lots of options to transform your bathroom but only a few ways to make it feel timeless, choosing the right furniture and accessories to dress your bathroom is key to creating an inviting atmosphere that stands the test of time. Discover our full range of bathroom furniture here and an amazing range of complementary accessories here. Check out Topps Tiles fantastic range of flooring options here.

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The Author

Harriet Goodacre

Harriet Goodacre is a Brand and Communications Manager at Topps Tiles who specialises in interior design and homestyle.

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