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Camping Lights

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Camping Lights

Camping is an incredible experience, one every child should have and every adult can benefit from. The beauty and tranquillity of the great outdoors are appreciated best when you can take a few small home comforts with you, however. You need your tent, you need your sleeping bag and you need your camping lights. Every camper needs light to get changed by, find their gear in the tent, sit around at night and help you find the right place for a little privacy.

When it comes to finding the perfect camping lights there are a few variables to consider. First and foremost, your power source. Do you need a bright light that can be relied upon even if it rains for an entire week? If so you might need to consider bringing batteries, batteries to go in the light and spares just in case. If that doesn’t sound like a possibility then never fear there are great alternatives but for the maximum number of lumens at the click of a button, battery powered camping lights are a great option.

There are multiple places you could use a higher-powered battery light. Many of them can be hung from the roof of your tent as a bright indoor light and some come with wider bases and stands to make good floor lights even on uneven ground. An adjustable base or stand can make these even more versatile.

For an option that requires the absolute minimum of space and weight to carry, try a high powered torch with an attachment or carabiner on the end to enable you to hang it from the ceiling of your tent when needed.

Most campers will find it most convenient to have a variety of lights, one for inside or the tent and a few smaller lights that they can take around with them for hiking or task lighting around the campsite. A head torch is often the most convenient option for larger areas where you need to see where you’re going. They are a convenient way to find your way to the facilities or to bring one for every member of the family while you potter about the campsite in the evening.

A good torch is another part of the lighting picture that you can’t afford to be without. You can get a larger torch with a handle and supplementary solar panels to add to the battery power and give more emergency provision or a small torch that clips on to a backpack or can be powered by winding it up, so you never run out of battery.

A camping light in the traditional lantern style is one of the best camping lights you can have. They cast light in all directions and the majority come with a handle or a hook so they are easier to carry or hang up in a tent. The more advanced models sometimes even come with a remote control to allow you to operate them from a distance. You can certainly buy lamps with a traditional look if you want to but luckily, gas-based lanterns that were common in the past are now uncommon.

LED camping lights are a great choice because they are compact, low energy, high lumen and very robust. All useful features when you may need to be carrying your home on your back whilst you enjoy all that the natural world has to offer.

You can even find lights that have special features, like flexible LED string lights that you can mould around a branch or tent pole to keep your area lit or lanterns with a mosquito zapper built in. Whatever the wilderness, camping lights are a must.

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