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Children & Nursery

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Children & Nursery

All our members with young families will know that containing the toys and memorabilia of childhood to one room is near impossible. And while having a nursery in your home is a great way to provide a permanent home for all your children’s bits and bobs, it is likely that you will end up with various storage boxes and systems dotted around the house. Despite the inevitable spread of your children’s things throughout the home, giving them their own space to enjoy, relax and play in is a fantastic way to not only fill your home with warmth, but also to start teaching them the value of maintaining a clear and well organised environment – helping them find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, and giving them a safe place in which they can be themselves without worrying about external damage or judgement.

The best way to decorate a children’s playroom or nursery

A room dedicated to your children is a fantastic way to breathe vibrant colours into your home, and embrace not just their favourite modern day characters but also provide a forever home to the keepsakes and toys that you have kept cherished from your own childhood. Those who have watched Toy Story will know that a toy is meant to be played with, and so keeping those from your own youth on high shelves will not do them any good – instead, why not teach your children about your favourite toys, and give them a place to enjoy both yours and their toys in harmony? One of the best ways to decorate a children’s room is with whimsical characters and plenty of textures, including natural wooden toy chests, durable and safe plastic toys, and plenty of soft furnishings to provide comfortable nap time and lounge time surroundings – as well as to protect young ones from tripping over. Whether you do this yourself with paint and creativity, or bring in an expert decorator, is up to you!

Keeping the nursery safe

And from there, we lead into the safety of your nursery and how best you can equip a children’s room or nursery to make sure your children are protected – especially as they start to grow and spend time becoming more curious and explorative. In terms of modern innovation and technology, a webcam is a good way to keep an eye on playtime even when you leave your children to it – typically regarded as the modern day baby monitor. These kinds of technological advances can be found online and through department stores, with the best selection available to select and discuss with experts in the nursery section of the store. Aside from keeping an eye on children, you can ensure the highest levels of safety by installing child locks onto doors you don’t want them opening; adding stair gates if there is a risk of children coming too close to the top of the stairs, and providing plenty of soft edges and thick surfaces around the room to support your child – including thick carpeting and soft chairs. All of these sorts of items can be brought from nursery and young children retailers who specialise in nursery fitouts and accessories. What to do when your home isn’t big enough for the children to have an entire room for themselves Many of our members approach with questions regarding space – asking how they can still create a safe space designed for their children’s enjoyment, without dedicating a whole nursery room to them. If this is the case, think outside the box and consider how you can turn a den within a larger space – for example behind a sofa with a quick living room rearrange, or outside at the back of the garden under the shade of trees and plant life. The more creative, the better!

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