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Conservatory Benches

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Conservatory Benches

From providing extra seating to allowing for under-seat storage, to simply providing comfort and warmth to the space, conservatory benches boast a plethora of different uses and benefits, and as such are available in a variety of different styles and finishes.

Whether you choose to sit them back against a wall to line the edge of your conservatory, or use them as a more fluid bench that can be moved around the space to act as an extra seat or even a drinks bench, the best conservatory benches tend to be simple structures crafted from natural materials which highlight and showcase the conservatory’s use as a room which sits somewhere between the interior of the home and the natural environment outside.

Why might you need a conservatory bench

We often find members coming to us asking about seating and storage solutions for conservatories. After all, the conservatory tends to be fairly limited on space, and so many homeowners find that they struggle to find and achieve that balance between filling the space with specific furniture and finding items which can be used for different purposes depending on the situation.

A conservatory bench is a great solution for those looking at investing in furniture which can be used for different purposes depending on the need – going from a seating bench with the addition of a few cushions, to a drinks bench which can sit in the middle of the room when you have guests over – all the way through to additional storage and somewhere to place your favourite ornaments when you don’t have any other guests or visitors using the space.

Things to consider when using your conservatory bench

With so many potential uses of any one conservatory bench, the main thing to consider is how you think you will use the bench and whether the size and shape you opt for will be conducive to all those uses. A long bench may be great for additional seating, but it is worth measuring the space available in the centre of the room to ascertain if the bench would also work as a makeshift table as and when the need arose.

Then there is the bench made for storage specifically – often made with more of a box structure than a simple frame, but which can still be used as an extra seat or a table in the case of extra guests. These storage benches are particularly beneficial for the conservatory as they can be used to store both home and garden accessories – and are easily accessible from both.

And then we come to aesthetics and the material. No matter what style of home you are looking to create, the conservatory will always be a little different due to its proximity to the garden and the visual importance of your outside space in framing how the conservatory looks. Made predominantly of glass, conservatories are a portal to your garden and so create a very different space from the rest of the home – one built on natural grandeur rather than minimalist design or neutral colours. As such we always recommend keeping the furniture in your conservatory as natural as possible to continue to embrace that unity between inside and outside – with untreated rustic wood providing our favourite foundational base for any conservatory bench.

The best benches can be found in home and garden stores, as well as home design retailers and wood craft stores.

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