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Conservatory Chairs

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Conservatory Chairs

The beauty of any conservatory is the diversity it provides in terms of user space. Perfect for sitting alone with a book, catching up with friends, or opening out to become a sheltered extension of the garden, a home with a conservatory is a home which celebrates being close to nature and the great outdoors – and that means investing in some comfortable chairs on which to sit and enjoy that space.

When it comes to our members’ conservatories, we’ve seen it all – wicker chairs, lounge chairs and bean bags, and even full armchairs and sofas. It all comes down to the kind of space that you are trying to create and the amount of space you have available.

How many chairs do I need in my conservatory?

While each household is entirely unique in the way it utilises its space, the best way to ensure your conservatory always has enough seating space is to invest in one or two single chairs, and a longer sofa style option which can hold more than one. Keeping a few easily accessible fold up chairs is a good idea if you regularly expect additional guests.

What kind of chairs look best in a conservatory?

Again, this is entirely a matter of preference, but for many of our members we know that the conservatory is a space for natural finishes and really light and open designs. Far from the dark woods of traditional, but also a big step away from the neutral simplicity of a modern style, the conservatory of a home is a place where you can throw together big bold colours alongside smaller and more intricate detailing – celebrating everything you love about the great outdoors, whether it’s floral patterning or coastal colours and nautical stripes.

Some of our favourite conservatory chairs come in sets and can be found at the outdoor and garden range in homeware stores, using the most natural materials such as wood and wicker, with large comfortable seats and complimentary furnished cushions and padded seats to provide comfort and embrace your theme. If you really want to create a statement, consider looking into conservatory and outdoor furniture sets, with matching tables as well.

Do I need to buy special chairs to go in my conservatory or can I shop anywhere?

Unlike sitting in the garden, sitting in your conservatory is not a seasonal treat, and so as a buyer you may be looking to purchase your conservatory chairs at any time of the year. As many typical conservatory chairs are found in the outdoor and garden ranges of retail stores, consider buying your chair outside of the summer season in order to ensure the best deal – ideally waiting for the end of the season when outdoor furniture is typically cheaper. It is worth noting, however, that by the end of the season the options may be more limited – so if you are set on a particular design, you may want to purchase it sooner.

Is the upholstery and fabric of my chair and cushions safe in the sunlight in a conservatory?

Contrary to popular belief, most fabrics should be perfectly safe inside your conservatory, thanks to the layers of insulation which block the sun from shining through your roof. Natural fibres, such as cottons and linens, can more easily withstand the harsh sunlight over other fabrics, though it is worth noting that even these most durable fabrics can start to fade and lose colour if left exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

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