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Conservatory Coffee Tables & Side Tables

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Conservatory Coffee Tables & Side Tables

By far the best thing about having a conservatory in your home is the space it gives you to enjoy the relaxing surroundings of your garden – regardless of the weather outside. We tend to see the conservatory as a portal to your garden which can be enjoyed all year round, making it the perfect place to go from day to night; coffee to cocktails – as well as the ideal place for entertaining guests and creating a haven of warm and welcoming activity.

When it comes to furnishing your conservatory, we believe in finding the right balance between having everything you need without clutter – often including a few seating options and a central table, as well as a few side tables as and where they are necessary.

The perfect conservatory coffee table

With no wall paint or wallpaper coating the surrounding edges, the conservatory is a unique room in that it can never really go out of style. While the furniture inside may change, your conservatory as a standalone room is one set apart from the rest of the house – and so it is that furniture which has the power to completely change and impact the overall feel of the room in terms of its welcoming vibe and its design-led style.

Finding the perfect coffee table for any room depends largely on size, and when it comes to the conservatory in particular it is important that the coffee table is big enough to be useful but not so big that it detracts from the grandeur of the room or impacts the ease of use. We often find that buyers only pull the coffee table out when it is needed – tending to push it up against the wall when not in use, in order to make the conservatory an open and light space.

The perfect coffee table needs to be low enough that it doesn’t impact on the visual balance of the room, and so we recommend looking at tables which sit around the knees when you are standing up. In terms of material, given the proximity of the conservatory space to your garden, we always recommend keeping the material as natural as possible – a design specification which lends itself to natural wood tables and finishes over all other materials. Single frame structures are super stylish, though we have also seen more modern and design-led retailers offering solid box style tables with concealed drawers for extra practical storage.

The perfect conservatory side tables

The ideal side table for your conservatory will match or at least compliment the coffee table – after all, in a limited space, throwing together too many designs and styles will quickly become overpowering and can detract from the overall finish of the room. Conservatories are best furnished with minimal style and as natural a finish as possible – meaning wood table frames, metal legs and neutral colours.

In terms of style, the side tables on the modern market tend to combine a series of standard tables with more innovative and stylish ones – for example tables with single pillar legs which stand tall, those with box styled structures and drawers set into their frame, and tables which sit low on tree trunk style legs.

Once you’ve got your coffee table and side tables in place, the final aesthetic all comes down to the way you dress and decorate the surfaces – with natural plants, ornaments and framed images all adding to the personality and style of the room as a whole.

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