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Conservatory Dining Chairs

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Conservatory Dining Chairs

If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory with enough space for a dining table and chairs, you will know how important it is to get the right balance between comfort and the natural style that best suits your conservatory space.

Pitted as one of the most romantic locations in the house, the conservatory boasts views over your garden and outside space, and provides a location which is somewhere between the warmth of your home and the beauty and natural grandeur of the haven you have created outside – and so furnishing and dressing it in line with your ideal finish is important to celebrating it.

In terms of selecting dining chairs in particular, one of the most important things to look for is a range of chairs which allow for a seamless continuation between your interior home and your garden – complimenting both, and creating a smooth transition between your inside and outside spaces.

Things to look for in dining chairs for a conservatory

First thing’s first, how many chairs do you need? We often find that dining chair come in sets of between 4 and 8 chairs, with many dining rooms having enough space to store all of the set even if only a few are used on a regular basis. Your conservatory however is likely to be limited on space, with most buyers finding that they don’t want to put any item in there that isn’t going to be used.

As such, the first thing to consider is where you will store excess dining chairs, and whether you need solid permanent structures or would be better looking at foldable frames that can be easily stashed away when not in use. Another suggestion is to consider whether the existing dining chairs in your home could be used as cross purpose dining seating – perhaps selecting a design which is interchangeable between the two eating spaces and could be moved as required.

Then we come to comfort of your dining chairs – are they comfortable while still complimenting the space? As previous explored we tend to suggest keeping the furniture in your conservatory as natural as possible to fit with its proximity to your outside space – but this should not mean having to compromise on your comfort levels.

One of the best ways to add comfort to any seating is with the addition of cushions – with some of our favourites ranging from neutral beiges and creams in a modern home with a modern conservatory, or very vibrant tropical jungle prints which are great for adding a pop of colour and a little extra life to your conservatory space.

And if you really value comfort and are only looking for a couple of really high end premium chairs for your conservatory date night dinners, consider investing in a couple of padded armchairs that can look out over your garden and take in the beauty of your outside space in comfort.

Finding the best dining chairs for your conservatory

From garden stores to homeware retailers and furniture specialists, the market for conservatory dining chairs is wide ranging - and not necessarily limited to one style over another. We tend to find that dining chairs are interchangeable between different spaces, and so you may find the perfect dining chairs for your conservatory grouped with inside dining chairs – whether they be solid hard wood frames, metal frames, plush armchairs, or simply upholstered structures with added cushions for comfort.

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