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Conservatory Dining Sets

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Conservatory Dining Sets

When the sun starts shining and the garden blooms with colour and vibrancy, those lucky enough to benefit from a conservatory will likely find themselves drawn towards the brightness and warmth of the glass room; choosing to eat in there, enjoy relaxation and quiet time, or simply sit and read a book.

The first thing to note about the conservatory, particularly if you decide to turn it into a dining room during the summer months, is that as an internal space, the high percentage of glass tends to make the conservatory one of the warmest rooms in the house – and this can often become uncomfortable if you don’t get the setting and furniture right.

Leather, for example, is a stylish and practical material for dining furniture, but with its sticky surface on hot legs, it can in fact be a poor choice for conservatory dining sets. We often suggest to members and other buyers that if they are bringing the dining room into their conservatory, hardwood and even metal chairs are the best options – not just providing the breathable and cooling structure for people to sit on, but also reflecting the space’s link between both the interior of the home and the garden.

What do you need from a conservatory dining set?

The first thing you need to do is ascertain exactly what you need from a conservatory dining set – whether you need a full table and set of chairs, or something much smaller to cater for just romantic date nights. The fact is, the conservatory is often limited on space and so dining with more than four individuals is likely become crowded and uncomfortable – with members tending to host larger dinner parties and meals either outside or in their fulltime dining room, preferring the conservatory as a place for pre-dinner drinks and snacks.

One of the best ways to combat a small space while still ensuring you are never short on table room is to invest in an expandable dining set, where the table can fold down to a small square fit for one or two diners, or extend out and be suitable for up to 8 guests where necessary. These tables are some of the most popular in the dining set market, not just for those shopping for a conservatory but also for those furnishing their dining room – as it affords users the opportunity to host larger meals but also maximise on floor space at other times when they don’t need so much table room.

The best dining sets for conservatories

Given the location of the conservatory as a space between the garden and the inside of the main house, we tend to always recommend our members look at dining sets and other furniture items which reflect the grandeur and beauty of both. If, for example, you have a modern home and a manicured garden, consider the straight lines and cutting edges of hardwood dining chairs and matching tables. A more rustic home and wild garden, however, is more likely to benefit from the soft furnishing of a wicker dining set which provides the same natural feeling as wood but with more texture and softer edges. And for those seeking something a little different and unique, metal dining sets are ride in outdoor and garden centres and can provide a really stylish and clean dining setting in a conservatory space – complimenting both indoor and outdoor spaces.

For the best in conservatory dining sets, we recommend expanding your search to include both outdoor ranges and indoor dining set ranges – to ensure you find the perfect material, structure and finish for your conservatory.

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