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Conservatory Furniture

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Conservatory Furniture

Great conservatory furniture has the power to completely transform your conservatory space – taking it from just another room in the house, to a portal which exists between your indoor and outdoor areas. Most of our members tend to use their conservatory as more of a relaxation space than anything else – choosing to fill it with comfortable sofas, decorative accessories and maybe a side table or two to hold your cup of tea or glass of wine.

Conservatories make excellent entertainment spaces for guests, and so we know that many buyers find themselves looking for ways to offer multiple seating options in their conservatory in the most space-optimising way possible.

Here are some of our top tips for selecting and purchasing the best conservatory furniture.

Maximising on space using clever furniture

With conservatories so popular for entertaining, one of our top tips when buying furniture for your conservatory is to look for sofas, chairs and other seating solutions such as ottomans and beanbags – as well as fold up chairs which can be stored and brought out when needed.

Ottomans are particularly good for conservatories as they combine a comfortable padded seat with concealed storage – while beanbags give your conservatory a playful and welcoming feel, while also adding a comfortable seating solution perfect for lounging, chatting or reading your book.

Nest-style tables are also great in a conservatory, as they can stacked on top of each other when not in use or separated to create additional surface space when entertaining.

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your conservatory

One of the unspoken rules we know our members and other buyers like to adhere to is to keep conservatory furniture light and bright, and as natural as possible. Neutral fabrics, exposed wood and glass pieces are all great ways to furnish and dress a conservatory, particularly when the space is fairly small and you can use the items inside it to create the illusion of a larger space. Remember when placing your furniture to take note of how the sun tracks its way across and through your conservatory throughout the course of the day, taking note to place some seating in full view of the sun, and some in the shade for those who prefer to stay shaded.

One way we often see conservatories used is as a stepping stone between the indoor and outdoor space of a home, providing the perfect opportunity for homeowners to embrace the best of their indoor and outdoor decorating style, and fuse it together in harmony.

Styling a conservatory

Once you’ve purchased the basic structural elements of your conservatory furniture, design flair and style come into their own. For the best in conservatory furniture, consider the variety available across the different seasons – particularly with regards to materials and the design of fabrics. Despite conservatories being popular all year round, many high street retailers only stock summery furniture and vibrant summer patterns in the Spring and Summer months, meaning that winter may not be the best time to furnish your conservatory if you are hoping to keep the interior atmosphere light and natural. For the widest selection, head to the outdoor range in department stores, garden centres and independent retailers who offer specialist conservatory furniture pieces.

TOP TIP: Most conservatories are built with glass walls and a glass ceiling, meaning that the majority benefit from just one brick or painted wall – the one separating your conservatory from the rest of the house. If you are keen to hang paintings and other artwork in your conservatory, make sure you do so from this solid wall as it will prevent you from obstructing the view to your garden, and will provide the safest and most reliable hanging surface.

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