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Conservatory Sofa Sets

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Conservatory Sofa Sets

A sofa set is designed for both comfort and style, whether it’s in the garden, inside the home, or gracing the natural open space of the conservatory. And while finding the perfect sofa set in your home is a decision that should fit with the overall theme of the room, the beauty of a conservatory is that there are no design rules that need to be followed – as the conservatory is the one which room which acts as somewhat of a standalone set apart from the rest of the house.

What we love about conservatory spaces is their direct link with enjoying nature and relaxing. The complete glass walls and roof make for a really light and open space, while the doorway from the conservatory to the rest of the home still connects the space with your home to keep it feeling cosy and welcoming.

What do you need from a sofa set for your conservatory?

The first question to ask is how much seating space you need, and what it is you really need from a complete matching set. Are you looking for a sofa and matching armchair, or do you need more than one sofa in order to provide adequate seating for both you and your guests?

Do you want all of the seating furniture to match, or are you happy to mix and match your design styles?

Our top recommendation is to first determine what else you want in your conservatory and from there, decide how much space you have to fill with sofas and seating. For example if you want the conservatory to purely be a room for relaxing with a drink and a book in hand, seating is your primary requirement – and you will likely have the room for a sofa and matching armchair – and maybe even a coffee table. If however you realise you don’t have space for a full set, consider other uses for the extra items of furniture – for example, could they sit in the garden and provide a harmonious transition from conservatory to garden; or could an armchair act as an occasional chair in your bedroom?

The other thing to consider when it comes to conservatory sofa sets, is the aesthetics and appearance of your set. The conservatory is a fundamentally stylish space – full of natural light and plenty of modern influences. Being made almost entirely of glass in most homes, the conservatory lends itself to a modern style – and we often find that most homeowners opt for very natural look tables and dining chairs to suit the room. Sofa sets are a little more challenging as you want the seating to be as comfortable as it is stylish – so our main suggestion would be to keep the space really light and airy by selecting neutral coloured sofas and lightweight frames. If you do want to add some colour, consider patterned cushions and throws rather than super bright sofa fabrics – and use surface space for ornaments and other unique design ideas to bring your conservatory to life.

Buying your sofa set

Once you’ve got your sizing and measurements covered, finding the perfect conservatory sofa set is a case of trial and error – working out the shapes and lines you want to create in the room, and ascertaining the perfect layout to create a warm and welcoming space. Our advice is to keep it light and bright to really suit the space, and draw the eye will little pops of colour achieve through cushions and wall art.

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