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Conservatory Sofas & Sectionals

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Conservatory Sofas & Sectionals

While a sofa is a super easy way to add comfort and style to any space in your home, a sectional provides you with the versatility to turn it into whatever you want. Designed to slot together in a row, to create a square, or to form the iconic L-shape that so many homes now covet, sectionals are essentially just pieces of sofa which can be moved around at will – making them ideal as a seating solution in smaller spaces where you may want to frequently alter the layout based on capacity, need and simply what looks best.

The thing about furnishing a conservatory is that it is generally fairly limited on space, with many of our members constantly looking for items which can easily be shifted about and packed away to create more space whenever they have guests over or simply want to maximise the space available in the room. Enter the conservatory sectional.

The difference between a sofa and a sectional

A sofa is an item of furniture which is designed to add comfort and warmth to your room. It is chosen with a design in mind, and often the structure and colours are selected to emanate the stylistic preferences of the buyer – whether it be the neutral natural materials of a modern home, the whimsical charm of a rustic piece, or the dark wood grandeur of a more traditional space. More than anything else, sofas come as they are – and cannot be taken apart at will.

A sectional is like a cube of sofa material which can act as a standalone armchair of sorts or be connected to other cubes to form a sofa. The versatility of a sectional is that it can be taken apart and shifted according to the current demands and trends of the room – with many members choosing to assemble it as an L-shaped sofa for the majority of the time, while sectioning it off into individual seating pods during a party.

Some of our favourite sectionals on the market right now are actually multi-purpose and can be used in the conservatory or out on your patio or in the garden – further solidifying our view that conservatory furniture should always be built and chosen to remain relevant both among your indoor furnishings and your outdoor furnishings.

Finding the perfect item for your conservatory

When it really comes down to it, the choice between a sofa and a sectional is more to do with practicality and ease than anything else. The real choice comes in the comfort and aesthetics of the piece you choose – whether it matches the space you have created, and whether it is comfortable enough to spend time on.

In terms of looking good, our key piece of advice concerning conservatory pieces is to keep them as light and neutral as possible – harnessing the power and beauty of the natural light which will flood your conservatory for at least some of the day. This connection to your outside space is unique and can’t be replicated anywhere else in the home, thus you should maximise its benefits and keep your furniture airy. For added colour, cushions are the perfect way to add a bright pop or a fun tropical print to create an oasis in your conservatory.

The best conservatory sofas and sectionals can be found across homeware and garden retailers, depending on how you choose to use your seating. If there is a chance you will use it outside as well as in the conservatory, opt for the garden centre ranges which are designed to withstand time outside.

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