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Conservatory Stools & Pouffes

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Conservatory Stools & Pouffes

How often do you look at the furniture in your living space and wish you had something a little more fun to add energy and provide some depth of levels and height to the appearance of the room? One thing that many of our members regularly search is how to add visual interest to a room without overpowering the design style or existing décor – and that’s where low level stools and pouffes come in – particularly in a room as limited on space as the conservatory.

In short, the conservatory is a space where you want to create a really welcoming and cosy vibe, without losing the immense benefits of the natural light which add to the open and airy appearance of the room. Most members look to furnish their conservatory with a series of chairs and tables, but we recommend you also look into a pouffe or stool to add some texture. Here’s why.

The advantages of a conservatory stool or pouffe

The first advantage is purely visual. By adding something which sits below a regular chair but above the floor level décor such as rugs, you are immediately breathing some life and vibrance into what ca otherwise become quite a flat space. It can be very easy to sit back and rely on the natural light and garden views to elevate your conservatory to a welcoming space, but if you don’t put thought into your furniture then the room will appear dull and uncared for.

Then there’s the practical benefits. Stools and pouffes can be used as extra seating, as a foot stool, as an additional surface for ornaments or drinks, or simply as a standalone feature designed to draw together an overall theme. Some of the best conservatory stools we have seen take really natural materials and add a padded surface to them, without losing the natural grandeur of their original form. For example, an old wooden crate with a seat cushion attached to the top of it; a tree trunk fashioned into a small stool; even a wood barrel which has been tidied up and polished to become more of a statement piece.

One thing all these have in common is their reliance on natural materials – something we recommend that buyers look into when furnishing their conservatory, to ensure that the natural design and outside views are not lost among random items of modern or industrial looking furniture.

Other advantages of stools and pouffes, particularly in the conservatory, is the versatility of these items – particularly prevalent when you look into things like Ottomans which conceal extra storage solutions as well as providing a stool on which a guest can perch themselves or their drinks.

Things to consider before purchasing a conservatory stool or pouffe

The first thing to consider is how wide your usage will be and whether it will extend to use in the garden as well as inside your home. If you plan on using your stool in the garden, you may wish to opt for a more weather resistant frame and material – as well as opting for a slightly darker colour which is not as likely to show stains or marks.

If you only plan on using the pouffe or stool inside, neutral colours are an easy way to keep the room light and airy without drawing extra attention. However, if you are looking to add colour to the room then the stool or pouffe can actually be a really inoffensive way of adding vibrancy with an object which can easily be moved. It all comes down to your design style.

For the widest range of conservatory accessories, including pouffes and stools, head to homeware retailers and garden centres.

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