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Garage Storage

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Garage Storage

From cars to tools, lawnmowers and Christmas decorations from across the years, the family garage is, more often than not, a haven of treasures, electrical goods and forgotten items. Keeping everything safe is one thing, but keeping it all organised and easily accessible requires storage solutions built to last. We know our members like to keep every element of their home as organised as possible, whether it be a frequently used space or more of a storage room – and that includes the garage. While many keep their vehicles safely tucked into the garaged, using the outer edges to store other valuable possessions, some use the entire space for storage. So, what is the best way to organise your garage space, and which products and items are pinnacle to a well-kept garage?

Full garages vs. Smaller outdoor garage units

While the traditional association of a garage is a large covered space attached to the home and accessible from the outside, retailers are increasing their offerings to provide smaller and more affordable options for those without a garage and without an excess of outdoor space. Often made of wood, these smaller outdoor garage units are ideal for keeping bicycles, lawnmowers, garden tools and other outdoor items safe and stored away – while also keeping them easy to access when required. For those who are lucky enough to have indoor garage space, how you use your space is up to you. One of the most popular storage options we see on the market is built-in wall mounted workstations, with saw benches, multiple shelves and plenty of drawers. TOP TIP: For those who are well accustomed to a bit of DIY and own a large variety of tools, consider investing in cabinets that can be wall mounted at a higher level, to ensure the tools are kept out of the reach of children.

The best storage options to maximise garage space

For many, maximising the space available is key in selecting the right garage storage solutions; increasing the value of multi shelf units and cabinets. One of our favourite designs and one which is becoming increasingly popular is the corner unit, which fits snugly into a corner and ensures that no space is lost needlessly. Of course, when you select your garage storage, you will want to first understand the floor space available and how many of your items will need to be kept at ground level. Bicycles, lawn mowers and other sharp tools are best kept on the ground to ensure they cannot fall and break or cause serious damage, so be sure not to overrun your garage with shelving units and cabinets – only to find that you have not left enough room for the high ticket items. Another consideration you will want to make is around the quality of your chosen storage solutions. We recommend our members research the best DIY outlets and outdoor retailers to ensure high quality wood and metal products, which can withstand cold weather and potential infestations of vermin and insect life. After all, your garage is essentially an in-between – an extension of both your inside and your outside space, and commonly subject to unwelcome visitors from the outside world. Purchase the best quality your budget will allow, to make sure your possessions stay safely tucked away without potential accidents.

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