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Home Accessories

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Home accessories buying guide

Home Accessories

When it comes to dressing a home, we all have our preferences. While some hang on to sentimental accessories and choose to turn their home into a celebration of their family life, others opt for the minimalist avenue – with clean neutral colours and open spaces – while others take inspiration from online magazines and the ever-popular home styling accounts on social media.

Whatever your style, the beauty of modern day retailers is that they cater for everyone, suiting all budgets and all design preferences. Of course, many of our members ask about specific items such as bed linen, cushions and candles – looking for the best retailers in terms of selection and cost, and this is where our first top tip comes into play.

TOP TIP: If you know exactly what you are looking for, opting for a specialist retailer in your line of search can often be the best option as they tend to have the widest range of products and the largest price fluctuations. If, however, you are dressing a home and aren’t yet sure what you want, a department store of general homeware retailer will give you inspiration, ideas, and of course a great selection of products.

Accessories to make a small room seem bigger

This is one area that we commonly get asked about, with a few top tips about how to make a small space seem larger – using just home accessories.

Firstly, invest in a large mirror or two. Adding a mirror to one wall of a small room can immediately make the room seem bigger by tricking the eye into almost doubling the space. Not only that but the mirror will reflect the light from natural sources or from your lamps, making the space brighter and more appealing.

Secondly, try to steer towards lighter colours for both your furniture and your home accessories, as well as the colour of the walls. Dark colours make a room seem smaller while light neutral shades can open a space up and allow it to feel lighter and brighter – and bigger.

Accessories to make a large space feel cosy and homely

If you’re blessed with a large house but aren’t sure how to fill it, one of our top home accessory tips is to look through our retailers for some comfortable and attractive rugs and runners. Adding a little colour to the floor of a large room can instantly make it feel more comfortable and warm, and can also be used to unify the overall design of your room – for example intricate patterns often help reflect an Italian style home finish, while large minimalist designs reflect the popular Scandinavian style of living.

Accessories for a traditional home

Traditional and old homes tend to favour darker wood furniture, with richer colours and more of an old-school regal finish. To really highlight the history of an old home, home accessories which celebrate tradition are perfect – including large pillar candles, dark wood frames, and intricately decorated rugs. Decorative vases filled with flowers are another way to pull a traditional home together with some natural beauty.

Accessories for a modern home

Modern can often mean quite minimal, with many home accessory magazines and inspiration pages favouring white and grey style colourings, simple green plant life and delicately scented candles on natural wood surfaces. If you’re looking to dress a modern home and not sure where to begin, search through the home accessories pages on our homeware retailers for design ideas, looking at the use of space – as many modern homes now include clever and innovative space-saving solutions and ideas.

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