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Dressing an interior room is a task that many shy away from – unsure how to embrace the warm and welcoming hues of a soft finish, alongside the modern functionality and decadence of technology and smart homeware. Whether you prefer angles or circle; neutral shades or bright colours; the way you dress a room can ultimately define the way that it is regarded and used, and thus for those rooms where you want to feel most at home, we first suggest seeking out a colour scheme or theme which makes you feel relaxed and cosy. That’s where the infinite selection of rugs comes in – enabling buyers to bring extra warmth and decoration into any kind of room quickly and effectively, and to ultimately alter the way a room is finished.

Using rugs to add colour

Adding a pop of colour to a room can be achieved in a number of ways, but tying it together with a well chosen rug can create a harmonious and stylish finish.

Using rugs to add warmth

We love using rugs to add warmth to rooms both literally and metaphorically, particularly when the floor surface is a hard wood or tiled finish. Not only are rugs comfortable and warm but they also add another dimension to the design of a room, and can make a key different in a modern home with lots of neutral shades – even with a neutrally coloured rug, the texture of it will add a new level of warmth. If your room is quite large and sparsely furnished, we recommend looking into rugs which are circular in shape, as the lack of angles can create even more of a welcoming and cosy vibe in an otherwise quite bare room.

The practicality of a rug

Whatever size the room you are dressing, adding a rug not only alters the overall design and finish but also provides some practical benefits as well – including a warming and comfortable sensation under the feet, and the ability to cover up an unsightly carpet or flooring in the interim before a new floor can be laid. Particularly popular in bedrooms and dressing rooms, the feel of a rug first thing in the morning is often far more welcome than a cold hard floor. When buying a rug, one key consideration to make is where it will sit, what the surface is like, and whether there is a risk of the rug slipping or moving when it is stepped on. Easy to overcome, a hardwood or laminate floor can often be a hazard when it comes to adding a rug, and so it is important to invest in a grip panel to sit between the floor and the rug – essentially ensuring the rug is not able to slip and slide around. These can often be brought cheaply at any retailer who stocks rugs!

Where to find the best rugs

When it comes to buying a rug, price, design, quality and finish can all be found with huge variations, ranging from basic rugs at mere pounds, to designer created rugs which sell for thousands. The first thing to do is to consider the space you want to dress and work out your ideal size, then look at the retailers who specialise in larger (or smaller) rugs. Homeware stores are a good place to start, and we also suggest you visit a few show rooms to see which colours and designs compliment each other well, dressed to inspire and provoke purchase. The stores most likely to offer show rooms and inspirational block layouts are furniture and home stores.

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