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image-Chunky Jute Woven Rug Grey and Brown

Chunky Jute Woven Rug Grey and Brown

By Dunelm


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Our stunning Chunky Jute rug is made from one of the most durable and sustainable natural fibres - jute. A timeless rug that brings an element of earthy and neutral tones to any living space and goes perfectly with a variety of home decors. Beautifully crafted by skilled craftsmen, we love the over-sized detailing and the environmentally-friendly qualities of this rug. The Chunky Jute rug is naturally hardwearing, making it perfect for high traffic areas in your home.To keep our Chunky Jute Rug as sustainable as possible we don't use any dyes to get our different jute shades. The sun-dyed golden tops of the Jute plant create our classic natural colour, while the lower submerged section of the stems that don't get as much sun are used to create the subtle light grey shade, perfect for a more contemporary look. Due to the undyed nature of the Chunky Jute rug, colour will slightly vary from piece to piece.Dont forget to buy our anti-slip mat [ here]( ), available in a choice of sizes.For regular cleaning, we recommend using a suction-type vacuum to ensure that rotating brushes won't damage the Chunky Jute pile. In the case of an accidental spillage blot with a clean and dry cloth. To keep your rug looking fresh and even rotate regularly to balance out wear. When you recieve your rug, we recommend re-rolling with the shaggy pile facing outwards for 24 hours in a warm room. This will help your rug settle flat with ease. Our Chunky Jute rugs can also be used on heated floors to keep you extra toasty! To be safe, keep away from fires such as lit candles and don't leave children and babies unsupervised on this rug.Please note: This rug contains Latex.Please note: Young infants should not be left unsupervised on this rug.Please note: Keep away from fire.


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