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a story of home

About me

Hi, I’m Sharon I believe beautiful, healthy homes can be created when you connect your interiors to the energy of nature. I help people create natural interiors using the principles of Biophilic Design, making home a calm and restorative space. My previous work life was so stressful to the detriment of my health with no time for self-care. Being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease brought sharp focus on my well-being. I made radical changes to my lifestyle and my home to reflect my journey into wellness. I am creating a biophilic home that truly nurtures and supports my health. I have seen first-hand the effects of stress; my mission is to see people taste the powerful benefits of Biophilic Design. Though my journal I want to share stories of how embracing these design principles can create a home sanctuary that cocoons, calms, and supports your physical and mental wellbeing. a story of home

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