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Dressing Tables & Sets

Where do you sit to apply your make-up, do your hair or conduct your daily skincare ritual? Most of us have some form of dressing table area, whether it’s a dedicated table and chair of our own, or a small patch of floor in front of the mirror. Either way, indulging in a little space to spread out our products and engage in a little me-time is important – and that’s why we believe that you deserve a dressing table to be proud of.

Of course, while many of our members like to surround themselves with complimentary pieces and matching sets, there are others who prefer a mismatch of different items of furniture and furnishings, to embrace the creativity of juxtaposition and imperfect opposites. Luckily, the market right now is packed full of dressing table sets and individual items which you can throw together to create your perfect beauty spot.

What does a dressing table set include?

A dressing table set is what takes a getting ready area from boring and plain to exciting and unique – with some of the most exquisite and sophisticated sets encompassing textures, layers and levels in an attempt to provide plenty of user space to display and store all the different things you might need. Some of our favourite dressing table sets include a base table complete with drawers and a large surface, with an additional box to set atop the table surface, with smaller drawers which are ideal for makeup.

We know our members love to maximise their use of space, and while some opt to set a standing mirror on the top at the perfect level with their face, others prefer to set their dressing table facing a wall and hang a larger mirror on the wall.

What makes a dressing table unique?

After all, most tables are made at the ideal level for sitting at, so what makes a dressing table special? The overwhelming feature is the space below which is fit for your legs, framed by two sides which are made up of drawers of different sizes – to hold everything from underwear to hairdryers.

The other thing you will want to consider when purchasing your dressing table is the lighting available, and the way it looks in your room. The dressing table is where you put on your face and create your optimum style, so it follows that the table itself should embody the style of your room and emanate a feeling of calm and glamour. With regards to the lighting, ideally your dressing table should be framed by natural light, though we recommend investing in a strong table lamp which adjustable beam to ensure the best possible beam of light onto your face.

Where to find the best dressing tables

From repurposed side tables and desks, to specially tailormade structures created perfectly to fit in an alcove or dressing room, dressing tables are a market which has long been popular with homeowners – with even the most ancient stores and homeware brands boasting dressing tables in their early collections.

To get the best possible value for your money, consider looking at second hand tables or else head to furniture warehouse retailers who offer showroom stock at affordable prices. With dressing tables regularly creating the focal point of many bedrooms and dressing rooms, brand new designs are often intricate and detailed, using high quality materials and mimicking the styles which have been in fashion for centuries. To dress your dressing table or add your own personal touches in the form of small shelves and mirrors, head to our selection of homeware and accessory retailers.

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