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Toy Boxes

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Toy Boxes

From ancient family heirlooms to durable and vibrant explosions of colour, toy boxes are home to a hub of treasures and toys, with many homes choosing the design and finish of their toy box in line with the room it will live in – whether that means blending perfectly with the surroundings to become hidden, or standing out with colour and playful designs in the centre of a children’s playroom. Some of our favourite toy boxes on the market take the best of contemporary design and natural materials and then enhance them with fun decals and patterns – for example an exposed wooden chest, with small printed animals and characters around the base of the box; or a box which looks plain on the outside and then celebrates colour and childhood with a printed lining.

Finding the perfect toy box for a main living space

While you may initially intend to relegate toys and your children’s play things to one room, you will soon find that things spread out and end up strewn all over the house – including your main living space, the kitchen, and other areas where you would rather they were hidden. One way to combat this without spending half your time picking things up and moving them, is to keep an inoffensive toy box in the corner of a living space – often with a plain wooden chest providing the space needed without standing out as a part of the children’s play room. Often, you’ll find that these plain wooden chests are available through homeware retailers – not necessarily grouped with the other toy boxes, but rather sold as storage boxes or boot holders. It is worth noting that some of these large wooden chests are quite heavy and made of solid wood, so may require the fitting of a slow close mechanism or even some padding around the underside of the lid, to ensure no injuries or trapped fingers.

Finding the perfect toy box for a playroom

The playroom is where your imagination can run wild – celebrating everything your children love with explosions of colour, characters, and fun designs, while also teaching your children about clearing up after themselves and keeping a clean space. The toy box you select for the playroom should capture their imaginations and provide a really clear emphasis on where the best of their toys are kept, with some of the best designs we’ve seen replicating everything from a big top circus tent, to a fun fusion of dragons and pirate ships with princesses and fairies. You will find on searching for toy boxes through our department store and homeware retailers, that many are made of materials which are far more lightweight than they look – for example MDF as opposed to solid wood, to ensure that if the lid is dropped it doesn’t cause serious injury. Some of our favourite toy boxes on the market at the moment double up as seating for your playroom, with many retailers embracing the idea of dual-use and understanding that items with more than one primary purpose are preferable particularly for homeowners with limited space.

What else to look for when purchasing a toy box

One way to really make your toy box stand out and to show your child that the box is theirs, is to personalise it – a feature which is being offered by an increasing number of retailers who are picking up on the value of personalised pieces. Alternatively, you can purchase a plain chest and add your child’s name yourself – with everything from stencils to letter decals available through our DIY and craft retailers to support your endeavours.

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