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Swing Seats

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Swing Seats

Designed to add a little fun and nostalgia to your garden, swing seats take the traditional idea of a playground swing and upgrade it – encompassing comfort, style, and everything that our members look for in a great garden furniture investment. From individual swinging seats to sofas suspended from sturdy frames or tree trunks, a well chosen swing seat can take your garden from ordinary to welcoming, and from bland to well designed and styled.

The benefits of a swing seat

There are a number of reasons why swing seats are so great – at every stage of our lives and development. For babies, a swinging or rocking motion is what call lull a baby from wake to sleep. In children, the action of swinging supports and develops muscular strength, core and fine motor skills; relying on an individuals’ ability to keep the motion going using their core and back strength, then utilising the legs to stop the motion safely and quickly. For an adult, a swinging seat is a relaxing motion – almost taking us back to our early years, when the gentle rocking could lull us into a state of extreme relaxation and even sleep. As such, the benefits of swing seats are wide and varied, and can attract every guest from young to old to enjoy.

What is a swing seat made up of, and how does it work?

The most popular swing seats available on the market right now combine unique and holiday-centric style with practicality that makes them both safe and ideal for those summer days and evenings. Most of the designs out there encompass the swing seat with a portable frame, which can be easily erected with the height adjusted as per your needs and preferences. In most cases, these frames come with a built in awning or canvas roof across the top, protecting the seat from direct sunlight and affording the benefit of a shady spot for those wanting to read outside or enjoy a chat with a friend. Of course, these covers are removable, so if sunshine is what you’re after then you can bask away, uninterrupted! In terms of the frame itself, the most popular designs are made from either metal of wood – both withstanding regular use, able to be left outside for the duration of the summer and beyond (if necessary), and with a clean and stylish finish. It is worth noting for those members concerned about storage, that a metal framed swing seat is far more likely to be made for easy storage – while a wooden frame will be more challenging to deconstruct year after year. A wooden frame is also unlikely to be as easy to adjust.

Where can I find the best swing seat for my garden?

If you’re after a reliable and whimsical solution to relaxing garden seating, then heading to a garden centre or outdoor retailer will provide you with a wide cross section of options – boasting different materials, styles and finishes. If you’re worried about the cost of a fully cushioned and furnished swing seat, consider purchasing the base frame and seat from a reliable garden retailer, and then sourcing cushions and padding elsewhere.

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