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Wall Décor

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Wall Décor

When we talk about the best ways to decorate a room, we often relegate our thinking to the colours we use to paint the walls, the furniture we fill the room with, and the way that we use accessories to draw the eye towards certain features and pieces in the space. Wall décor makes up a large part of the modern home accessory market, with more and more homeowners and buyers using the large expanse of wall space in their home as a way of continuing their decoration up onto the wall surfaces rather than simply keeping everything at ground level – adding extra dimensions and levels to the room. In terms of visual interest and finding ways of pulling together a decorative style, wall décor has the power to highlight natural features or else add something completely new to draw the eye – from paintings and canvas’ to large quotes, mirrors, ornaments and furnished accessories.

Wall décor for a large room

It is a given that large rooms have large walls – whether it be in mere expanse and width or encompassing taller heights as well. The fact is, dressing a large room with wall décor allows you to expand your repertoire to include larger statement pieces or else opt for a series of complimentary pieces which work together but allow you to try a few different styles. One of the most popular wall decorative features for many homeowners is a large decorative clock, with the modern market including models in a wide variety of styles which match and suit all manner of different decorative ideas. Paired with complimentary paintings, these clocks are functional and create an overall effect of a warm and welcoming home space. We often see homeowners, particularly those with large homes, using wall décor as a means of adding pops of colour and flashes of texture to their spaces as well – particularly if the space alone is quite neutral and plain. Painted canvas’ now embody different textured paints to add depth, while natural hardwood ornamental hangings are a popular offering for modern homes which tend to focus on natural materials.

Wall décor for a small room

When it comes to a small room, the power of the wall décor can be enough to completely brighten and add life to the room, but can also overpower and create a limited and quite dark space. If you are looking to decorate a smaller room, keep your wall décor as light and neutral as possible – and if you’re really looking to expand the appearance of the space, consider décor which is made from a mirrored material which can reflect any natural light and give the whole a more airy feel.

The best wall decor

Some of the best wall décor allows you to create highlighting focal features, and so we particularly find quotes and paintings some of the most popular searches across high street, designer, independent and mass market retailers. The fact is, adding small things which catch the eye can elevate your space from flat to one filled with character, whether you do that with framed photos or hand painted scenes. And if you’re after something a little different, the market offering in terms of wall décor materials is steadily increasing as well, encompassing everything from wooden decorative structures to metal creations, soft pieces and solid ceramic hangings. For the widest variety of options, head to homeware accessory and decorative retailers, or browse your local showrooms and magazines for inspiration in homeware catalogues.

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