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Is an uninspiring bedroom getting you down? Maybe the walls are too plain, or the space is too large for the little furniture you have? Have you considered investing in a great headboard to celebrate your space, turn your bed into the focal feature of the room, and really pull your design aesthetic together? Headboards have the power to completely transform a room and take it from bland and dull to exciting and unique.

Why do we need headboards?

Quite apart from providing a comfortable backrest when you are reading or sitting up in bed, headboards provide that finish that no amount of bare wall can achieve. Imagine walking into a bedroom and seeing a comfortable king size bed, covered with cushions and pillows – all lined up against the wall. It simply wouldn’t look right. Headboards bring an aesthetic to the room which no amount of accessorising can replace, but that doesn’t mean we should just jump right in and purchase the first headboard we think we like. A little thought needs to go into its practical suitability, design, and the overall finish of the room.

Practical suitability of headboards

While some beds on the market come with their own headboard already built into the structure, other beds offer you the option to attach your chosen headboard separately – providing you with the freedom to take the design in any direction you like. That being said, it is important that you try and retain some form of design continuity between the bed frame and the headboard, as otherwise your room can look mismatched and messy. Typically, headboards attached with two slats which can be screwed to the bedframe – but you will need to make sure that you stick to the exact measurements to match your bed or else you will run into problems before you even attach the headboard. The size of the headboard doesn’t just determine its installation to the bed, but also the way it makes the room feel. Too small, and it will just be covered up with pillows and cushions and won’t provide the backrest comfort you are looking for. Too large, and it can unbalance your room and become overpowering. If you are dressing a small room and looking for the perfect headboard, look for light colours and thinner designs which compliment the space and blend well with the rest of the room. One of our favourite options on the market for smaller bedrooms are headboards which come with built in shelving which sit perfectly at the side of each bed and optimise on the space available. A larger space can afford a chunkier statement headboard, with some of the innovative designs standing out with textured finishes, ornate designs and solid posts.

The Design and choosing the best headboard for you

Our top suggestion is to first decide on which material you would like your headboard to be made from – whether a soft finish is ideal for regularly reading in bed, or whether you live in more of a modern home which would benefit from a naturally finished wood board. Once you decide on your material, you can start to research sizing and design specs for your home. Specialist bed retailers are likely to offer a wide selection which are made to measure for different bed frame sizes, particularly focussing on quality craftsmanship which is built to last. For more affordable options, head to mass market high street furniture retailers or else consider researching second-hand retailers who repurpose older furniture. And no matter what design you go for, always make sure you know how to install the headboard and how best to attach the board to your bed frame.

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