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Garden Statues & Ornaments

At some point in our lives, we have all passed by a house with a front garden filled with garden ornaments and statues. From gnomes to woodland creatures, fountains and other fantastical creations, garden statues have a large following of those who are looking to inject a little personality and playful fun into their outdoor space – often designed as much to entertain those passing by, as those who live there.

Choosing the right garden statues and ornaments

Garden gnomes are arguably the most popular form of garden statue – and have been for many years – thanks to the huge range available, from traditional old men gnomes, to more modern gnomes who look as if they’ve been pulled right out of a whimsical fairy tale. Though they serve no practical purpose, garden gnomes have been providing outdoor enjoyment for decades as they define the personality of a garden and uplift it to somewhere welcoming and fun – particularly popular with small children. Choosing the right statues and ornaments for your outdoor space is a case of reviewing the space you have available and deciding if you would prefer some fantastical, or if you would be better opting for a garden statue which embraces another use – for example a fountain. Another option is more traditional sculptures such as those you might expect to find on the streets of Italy. These kinds of statues are most likely to be found in larger gardens open to the public, though if you are lucky enough to own a vast garden space then they can quickly elevate a formal garden plot from ordinary to something grand and spectacular.

Quantity vs Quality

Where some buyers like to fill their garden with different statues and ornaments – buying into the ancient belief that animal statues ward off unwanted visitors, and human busts ooze opulence and grandeur – others prefer to select one or two items of high quality and use them as focal features. One of our favourite ways to use statues in your garden is as part of the boundary, providing a really easy way of signalling the end of your garden space while also exuding a little character and personality. If you’re more of a modern art lover, ornamental bold shapes may be more your thing – with many garden centres now stocking large garden water features which are built to look like a piece of modern art. Another way of injecting personality is with smaller garden statues which are hidden – perfect for young families who want to bring a little magic into their garden and get their children’s imaginations moving. A hidden fairy statue next to a small hole in a tree can create hours of imaginative play and creative fun – and with the statues hidden, you can invest in a higher quantity without running the risk of your garden looking too busy.

Where to buy the most durable and classy ornaments and statues

Of course, if it is to live outside our garden statue or ornament needs to be made from a durable material which can withstand the elements. Marble is the most popular for statues, though or course this comes with a cost and so many buyers opt instead for a ceramic finish which is more affordable and can be found in many garden centres. Metal is another material which many garden ornaments are made from, though do be sure that your ornament has been coated with a weather-protecting paint to ensure it doesn’t rust. Again, the best retailers for these items will be garden centres and outdoor plant retailers.

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