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Bedroom Chairs

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Bedroom Chairs

Bedroom chairs – meant to be sat on, or intended as just another decorative accessory which is purely there to look good and pull together our overall design aesthetic? Whatever the reason for your choosing a bedroom chair, making sure you choose one which fulfils all your requirements is key to making a good investment – and that means, comfort, style, and practicality above everything else.

Does the chair have any practical use?

Before you go out to the nearest furniture retailer and invest in one of their on-trend statement or occasional chairs, first ask yourself why you want it, and what purpose it will serve in your home. If, you example, you are looking for a chair to sit at your dressing table which you complete your make up and put on your jewellery, then ensuring the chair sits at the right height in relation to your mirror is key. If you want it to sit at the end of your bed for occasional perching but generally to look nice, make sure it compliments your bedspread without looking too “try hard”. And if you simply want a chair to act as part of your wardrobe with clothes draped all over it, make sure it fits into a space which isn’t too central to the bedroom. Another form of bedroom chair is an ottoman, which doubles up its purpose to act as a concealed storage box as well as a handy chair. These are particularly popular as soft furnishing additions to bedrooms and can be found in most homeware and storage sections across department store retailers.

The comfort of a bedroom chair

Half the fun of investing in a bedroom chair is to choose something super comfortable which allows you to relax in your bedroom – without getting into bed. Often retailers tend to offer bedroom chairs in rich velvet materials which ooze grandeur and comfort, rather than more practical materials as used in the rest of the house – and you will also find that many chairs designed for the bedroom are much darker and more luxurious in colour and design. In terms of the structural design of your chair, bedrooms chairs range from high-backed armchairs to more modern designs with shell shaped back rests and scalloped edging. One of our favourite structural aspects of most bedroom chairs is the curved back which makes them ideal to place in a corner of the room – maximising space and turning a previously boring corner into somewhat of a cosy haven, particularly when paired with a floor lamp and small side table.

The design of a bedroom chair

The current market is full of designs taken from all eras of furniture history, with vintage designs and styles almost as popular as modern ones. Some of the best bedroom chairs currently available can be found across furniture stores and homeware stores – depending on whether the retailer regards the chair as an accessory of a useful item of furniture. In terms of design, the colour and style you look for should either blend into your room or else create a stand-out feature. One of our top recommendations is to juxtapose your bedding with your chair; if your bedding is plain in colour, consider a chair with some form of pattern or design. If the bedding features its own design, be sure to select a bedroom chair which uses just old colour in a complimentary shade. Remember, matching shades exactly is exceptionally difficult, and you would be better off choosing a deliberately different shade, rather than trying to match it exactly.

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