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Beach Towels

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Beach Towels

As far as a day on the beach goes, our bag is not complete without a beach towel which fulfils its purpose and also makes us happy. In contrast with their bathroom equivalent which is often chosen to match a certain design or decorative style, beach towels offer an opportunity for you to be creative and embrace bright colours, vivid motifs and images, and vibrant patterns – as a celebration of summer holidays and sunshine.

The benefits of a good beach towel – and some of the most innovative designs available

Far from being a merely practical addition to your beach bag, beach towels today are used as the ultimate style symbol – with everyone from popular high street retailers, to specialist brands and even fashion designers branching into the beach towel industry in an effort to get their name and brand out there on beaches across the world. As such, the price points of beach towels can vary hugely depending on the designer and the brand name. Some of the most popular beach towels currently available are those made by artisan creators who have built a full brand out of their creations, including those offering beach towels which roll up and fasten together with built-in handles for each carrying, those which can be folded back up into a small pouch, and those designed for backpackers with quick drying material. Sustainable and eco-friendly beach towels have also grown hugely in terms of popularity in recent years, in response to the growing concern for the environment. Other benefits of a good beach towel include:

  • Something comfortable to lay on when you’re on the beach

  • Something which signals your area of the beach, and provides you with a base

  • Something to dry you, wrap yourself up in if you get chilly, and sit on if the surface is a little damp

  • Something which looks great and shows the rest of the beach your unique style

Some of the best aesthetic designs we’ve seen

We know our members love to embrace new styles and try out new trends when on holiday, and what better way to do that than through the accessories you carry – including your beach towel. Designed to be practical to carry around, some of the best beach towels we’ve seen across high street retailers take on-trend prints and turn them into a towel to stand out, including palm leaf prints, catchy motifs and phrases, and contemporary designs made with block colours and modern shapes. In terms of selecting the best option for you, consider your personality and make sure that the design you choose is something that makes you happy and something that you are proud to carry around. You may also choose to select your towel for the day based on what you will be wearing when you lie on it – for example, a patterned bikini or pair of swimming shorts may leave you preferring a plainer beach towel, while a white swimsuit the next day calls for a brighter and more vibrant towel.

Purchasing your beach towel

When it comes to beach towels, the limit of ownership does not exist – and we recommend investing in at least two of three great designs so that always have a clean one to take to the beach with you. Investing in one good quality and more expensive towel, as well as one or two more affordable towels will ensure that you have a towel for show, but also have a towel that you don’t mind losing or getting dirty – in the case of a crowded beach or camping trip. For a wide selection, head to high street retailers and holiday stores, particularly those with seasonal stock – the best and widest ranges being available in the Spring and early Summer months in-store. If you’re shopping out of season, head online for the best possible range of options.

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