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DVD & CD Storage

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DVD & CD Storage

Streaming platforms and integrated TV subscriptions mean that our TVs are more intuitive and smarter than ever before. While this renders DVDs themselves a little outdated and often unnecessary, for many homeowners this bridge to the past is something they continue to keep – requiring a DVD storage idea which fits their home and compliments the surrounding space.

With DVD storage solutions which offer homes a chance to display or conceal their DVDs, the market is full of options for all home styles – not to mention, a range of DVD storage units which are incredibly versatile and can double up as storage shelves for other possessions and accessories too.

As such, whether you watch your DVDs or not, the right storage unit can help to keep your living space clutter free and effortlessly chic.

Why We Love DVD Storage

  • DVD storage can be open-fronted or closed, depending on whether the homeowner prefers to display their movie titles or hide them.

  • The versatile nature of DVD storage units and even small DVD storage solutions is that the shelves and boxes can also be used to store and/or display books, CDs, and other items. There is nothing to stop you, as a homeowner, from investing in a DVD storage unit and using it as a much broader storage solution in your home.

  • DVD storage is not exclusive to wall-mounted units or standing bookcases – the marketplace also offers ottoman furnishings, multimedia units, vintage cabinet structures, and open-ended shelves. This means that there is an option for every home, every family, and every room in your home.

  • What better way to showcase your personality and what really matters to your family, than by displaying all your favourite movies. Consider organising by genre, alphabetically, by age, or even by the colour of the case to present a uniform and well-managed aesthetic.

DVD Storage FAQs

What is the best way to store DVDs?

The world is your oyster when it comes to DVD storage, with our diverse collection of shelves, units, cabinets, and storage boxes all proving that there is no right or wrong way to store your top movies. Whatever storage solution you opt for, make sure that the aesthetic of the unit or shelving compliments your space and enables you to maximise its potential as a display unit alongside a storage solution.

For example, if you opt for a closed-fronted cabinet then use the top surface for display purposes and make sure that the structure of the cabinet compliments your home setting. Conversely, if you decide to display your DVDs on a vast shelving unit, consider other items that you can store on the shelves to maximise the use of floor space.

How can you build a DVD storage unit?

Many of the units available on the market will be delivered as flatpack units which you can construct and locate in your preferred position. Whether you opt for open-fronted shelving or a closed DVD storage box, remember that DVD storage units are incredibly versatile and can be used to store and display all manner of possessions and accessories – making them a space-efficient addition to your living space or even a hallway or home office.

Should DVDs be stored upright or laid flat?

This is a matter of preference. From an aesthetic point of view, upright is the cleanest way of storing DVDs and allows you to browse the titles quickly. On the other hand, laying them flat may be the easiest way to maximise concealed storage in DVD storage drawers or boxes. The right solution for you will depend on how you choose to store your DVDs – on show or concealed.

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