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DVD & CD Storage

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DVD & CD Storage

The kinds of homes our members occupy fall into two categories – those who like to keep DVD’s and CD’s on display both for their own use and to display their musical and film taste to guests, and those who choose to hide these titles away for fear of creating unnecessary clutter. With that in mind, furniture retailers and homeware stores tend to introduce wide ranges of storage solutions fit for CD’s, DVD’s, books and other accessories – giving buyers a choice of what works best for them and how they choose to use it.

TV / Entertainment unit with built-in shelves

If you have the space for it, an entertainment unit not only houses plenty of space for your DVD’s and CD’s, but also becomes the perfect place to mount your television and radio; keeping everything contained in one area. The beauty of most of the modern entertainment units is that it utilises space with both open shelves and closed cabinets, so you can put your favourite films on show while hiding away your guilty pleasures such as old children’s movies and chick flicks. Many of our members like to keep their living space clutter free, with entertainment units one of the top choices as they keep things tidy and well ordered. The choices available across our furniture retailers includes natural wooden framed structures, metal-finish frames which look more industrial, and painted wooden units which tend to work best in a contemporary setting.

Bare Shelving

If you’re an avid DVD or CD collector, or like to show off everything you own, bare shelving is one of the best solutions for you. Whether that be wall shelves, a bookcase style shelving unit or the more innovative modern design of stacked boxes on the floor, bare shelving can be used as it is or customised to include different sections which you might use to separate your collection by genre, alphabetically or even by year. For a modern home, wall shelves which are installed sporadically with no real order can look really simple but effective, while a more traditional home will benefit from the structure and order of a bookcase or cabinet. TOP TIP: If you’re looking for the best storage solution for a smaller living space, but still want to keep everything on show without taking up too much room, consider shelving units which use height rather than width to maximise their space. A number of homeware retailers have caught on to the need for space-optimising storage for our large collections from over the years, and now stock extra tall shelves perfect for CD’s and DVD’s.

Concealing your titles with secret storage

And then there’s those who wish to be able to close the door on all their CD’s and DVD’s; preferring the minimalist design of a clear space, rather than the potential clutter and mismatch of multiple different titles. Some of our favourite options for concealed DVD and CD storage include:

  • Ottoman or wooden chest storage in your living space, which can be used as a bench / individual seat, but also plays host to your collection of films and music.

  • Cabinets at various levels, whether as part of an entertainment unit or individually selected and placed around the room as decorative accessories. These are particularly great as they also provide extra surface space which you can use to display images, plants and other ornaments.

  • Safe zip cases which can be stacked together or simply stored in an attic or spare room, available for use when they are needed but otherwise hidden away from your main living spaces.

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