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Bird Baths

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Bird Baths

If you’re interested in bringing a range and variety of different wild birds into your garden, as well as using a bird feeder, installing a bird bath can be a great way to attract birds to you and give you an opportunity to observe them as they go about their business. You may find initially that nothing comes, but over time if you keep the bird bath well stocked with water, well-maintained and clean, the birds will start to be drawn into your garden. A lot of our members ask if they can make their own bird bath, and to them we say that this is entirely possible – all you really need is a pillar or post to provide some height and keep the main bath well off the ground, and a large shallow dish or basin in which to put your water. As the bird bath will be outside, likely all year round, you will want this to be made from a material which will withstand the elements – most bird baths are made from concrete or brick.

The top things to consider when buying a bird bath

  1. Location. Here you may be thinking that we are referring to placing your bird bath somewhere where you can enjoy it, and of course this is part of it. But more than that, your bird bath needs to be positioned somewhere where the birds will actually use and enjoy it. For example, the centre of your garden may look great as a design accessory and may be easy for you to view, but birds are unlikely to subject themselves to bathing in the middle of an open space, and you may even find in the summer that the water evaporates under direct sunlight. One way to ensure the best of both worlds is to place the bath in the shade of a large tree – somewhere visible from an upstairs window or from your patio.

  2. The depth of the water and the shape of the basin. Particularly important if you are making your own bird bath, the disk needs to have a shallow centre – no more than a couple of inches deep at most – as otherwise birds simply won’t use it. Remember that the birds need to be able to stand up in the water, and so anything too deep will render your bird bath unused by the majority of the birds.

  3. The height from the ground. Too high, and the birds will be put off. Too low, and they are subject to predators. Most expert sources suggest placing your bird bath no less than a foot from the ground.

  4. Maintenance and fun extras. We know that many of our members love unique features in their gardens, and water features are one such example which is becoming increasingly popular as the market adapts and includes modern designs as well as the more traditional fountains. One of the most popular new additions to the market is bird baths with moving water – attracting birds by the natural flow and movement of water, and also creating that coveted running water sound and visual enjoyment that so many of us love when we are out enjoying our garden. In terms of maintenance, keeping the water clear and running freely is a year-round job – particularly if the water freezes in winter, and gets clogged up and dirty in summer. Birds will only comes to visit a clean and attractive bird bath, so pay attention to the quality of your water offering for the best results.

Bird baths are typically available across most outdoor garden centres and garden accessory stores, with some created for practical use while others are generally more of an aesthetic purchase. For the best quality, consider all the above tips and purchase in line with our suggestions.

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