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Draught Excluders

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Draught Excluders

When a chilly evening closes in and you want to curl up on the settee or in bed, the last thing you want is the cold breeze creeping in. Most of us live in homes that are far from airtight when it comes to draughts. The icy feel of the cold, grabbing your toes when you’re trying to get cosy is an inconvenience that you don’t have to live with. Draught excluders are a simple way to make sure that your toasty sanctuary stays that way. Using one for all your doors can help you keep the whole house warm more easily and shrink down your heating bill to boot. The range of choices to make your home as comfortable as possible is huge. A first step could be to consider self-adhesive draft excluder tape which sticks into place around the edges of your doors and compresses to form a seal when the door is closed. Just choose a suitable colour to match your door and frame and you can apply it yourself in the space of a few minutes. You can also choose a simple foam draft excluder for under your door in a plain colour. On its own this will markedly reduce the frosty draughts making their way into your room. Most are as easy to install as simply sliding them under your door, so there’s no need to put up with any more baltic temperatures for even one evening. For a perfect fit, measure across your door and buy a draught excluder which is at least as long as your door is wide. Draught excluders aren’t only for the edges of doors, they can also be used over letterboxes or around the edges of windows which allow air to creep in around them. The more of these gaps you can close up, the further your heating will go and the quieter any outside noise will become. Draught excluders are a very useful object but that doesn’t mean they have to be purely functional. With a huge range of colours and designs, you have the chance to use them to enhance your decor and either blend in or provide a point of interest for the room. Many draught excluders come with a washable cover so you can keep them looking beautiful even though they live on the floor. For a whimsical point in a pretty room, you could go for a sausage dog draught excluder to welcome you home and guard the door. A big favourite with children and dog lovers. Other options from the animal kingdom include stylised snake draught excluders, dogs or cats. These are especially at home in a room with a jungle or animal decor scheme. Draught excluders come in almost any fabric you can imagine, from warm wool to attractive printed cottons. Once you know what your upholstery is going to look like you can match your draught excluder with your colour scheme. Go for a pretty, chintz pattern to complement pastel walls or a floral theme or go for a damask style pattern to match with baroque upholstery. If you prefer more traditional country style interiors then a tartan pattern might be right for you or a pheasant or hedgehog pattern for a cottage feel. For a more modern room, you might go for a neutral option in dove grey felt or a rustic hessian cased draught excluder to include natural textures in a low key way. Draught excluders are a brilliant solution to the uncomfortable problem of gaps around your windows and doors. Your frozen toes and your heating bill would certainly benefit from a few, but your decor could too.

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