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Decorative Lighting

The concept of lighting is one which is constantly being updated and developed, as home trends and decorative ideas evolve and encompass new and exciting ways of adding light to a space – no matter what its size or design. When it comes to decorative lighting, we find many homeowners and buyers putting focus on the outward appearance of the light when it’s off – sometimes prioritising its basic appearance over its functional use as a light, and not putting any focus on the kind of light it provides when switched on. The fact is the best decorative lights look good both when they are off and when they are on – serving to elevate the appearance of a room with the right level of light according to their use and their location.

Decorative wall lights

These tend to be used both inside and outside, elevating the grandeur and overall appearance of a wall by sitting a light apart from the flat surface of the wall. In some cases, this is a complete lantern mounted away from the wall, while in other instances this may be a simple 3D addition to the wall which slightly adds to the texture of the wall without appearing completely separate. Again, these tend to offer little in the way of strong light, though a series of decorative wall lights used together can project an atmospheric style of lighting which emanates small spotlights of light at intervals.

Decorative ceiling lights

These tend to be items like chandeliers – both traditional crystal versions, candle mounted versions, and sometimes even completely innovative creations made from natural and standout materials like wood and metal. Depending on the overall design and style of your home, a decorative ceiling light can be large and overpowering or else quite small and intricate – with some of the best examples creating a statement which sits tall above the rest of the room but still draws attention and pulls together the complete decorative style of the room. We tend to find that the largest homes with lots of natural light opt for crystal and glass chandelier creations, as the influx of natural light from surrounding windows hits the material and causes it to reflect in multiple directions – creating a really beautiful finish which shifts throughout the course of the day as the sun completes its daily rotation.

Decorative side lights

These are those lights which rarely add much use in terms of the amount of light they give off, and yet when lit up they provide a nice glow around their overall design – adding a new depth to the room and showcasing the decorative design of the bulb or covering. Common examples include Turkish style lights with coloured mosaic lanterns, lit-up block letters and words, and sometimes items such as fairy lights and cut-out side lamps. One of the best things about these cut-out lights in particular is the way that when off they provide a one dimensional design, and when switched on the imagery is reflected and presented on the wall and furniture around it – adding a whole new dimension to the effect of the single light. Meanwhile, the coloured mosaic style lamps and other coloured bulbs all serve to add to specific atmospheres and styles, with different coloured lights reflecting different moods. In terms of finding the right decorative light for your home, the focus should first be on ascertaining the ideal location for your light – if your walls are clean and neutral, consider wall lights and side lights which add decoration in unexpected and innovative ways. If your room is already quite busy, consider a ceiling light which will elevate the overall finish and draw the eye upwards. All of these decorative lights and more can be found across homeware accessory stores and lighting retailers.

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