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Outdoor Fairy & String Lights

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Outdoor Fairy & String Lights

Contrary to popular belief, fairy lights are not just for children, and string lights are not only useful for hen do’s and outdoor tea parties. Fairy lights and string lights have developed hugely over the last few years, moving away from the festive market and being embraced as a year round decorative accessory both inside and outside the home.

When it comes to creating an outdoor space which you are proud of, making sure the lighting suits your space is key. After all, as evening hits, you want to be able to retain a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, and often that means avoiding turning on large overhead lights and instead opting for an in between which provides soft lighting with enough glow that it is functional and accessible, but not so much that it ruins the aesthetic. And what better way to achieve this than with fairy and string lights?

The difference between fairy and string lights

The primary difference between fairy and string lights lies in the style and design of light heads. While fairy lights pack the wire with a multitude of small bulbs, string lights tend to opt for a far lower amount of light heads which are bigger and built around the aesthetic value of each light head as a feature rather than a mere source of light. While fairy lights blend into their surroundings and only become obvious when the bulbs are lit, string lights provide decoration throughout the day and night – with some of the most popular designs encompassing caged naked bulbs, whimsical character shaped bulbs in different colours, and metal lanterns designed to be shown off and celebrated.

Top uses of fairy and string lights outside

The main reason for choosing fairy or string lights for your garden is a desire to add light through a solution which is super easy to accommodate and manage, but provides a really elegant and whimsical result. Whether you wrap your fairy lights around the tree trunks in your garden or line the area above the patio or decking with a series of different string lights, using these kinds of small versatile bulbs adds a rustic charm to your outdoor space.

It is also worth noting the value of fairy and string lights when it comes to parties or celebrations, not least because they can be put up and taken down super quickly and easily, but also because so many models not feature different coloured light settings and allow you to flick the lights from consistently on to pulsing light at the flick of a switch – mimicking your desired atmosphere.

Finding the perfect style for your outside space

Choosing the perfect style of fairy light or string light for your garden requires consideration around what you hope to achieve. If you want to keep the lights hidden for the most part until they are switched on, consider transparent wired fairy lights – popular in smaller garden spaces where users don’t want to overwhelm the space with too much décor and vibrance. If, however, you are dressing a small area of a larger outdoor space and are hoping to create a really welcoming and cosy corner, we recommend opting for string lights which are more visual and turn a bland and roof-less space into something a little more comforting and warm.

Of course, the range of these lights available in stores is wide ranging and innovative, with homeware and garden retailers offering everything from naked bulb lights to holiday themed lights – and everything in between.

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