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Children's Furniture

Getting the right tone in a child’s room is difficult, particularly when it comes to finding the right furniture for them. Do you fully reflect their age in the furniture you buy, or do you instead think ahead and look for pieces which will remain relevant and valuable to them for years to come? Do you opt for items which are decorated in their preferred style, or do you look for something that is more neutral and well-suited to a variety of different decorative styles? And finally, how do you ensure that what you have opted for is safe for your child and supportive enough for them

Things to consider when shopping for children’s furniture

The furniture hunt breaks down into two key areas:

  • Aesthetics

  • Health and Safety

Both of these areas deal with suitability for your child at their current age, with most members struggling to determine exactly how long a piece of children’s furniture should last before being replaced. We often suggest that trying to buy a few staple pieces to last their childhood is not unreasonable, with neutral and natural finishes being the best for a long lifespan which will adapt to a variety of different decorative styles and changes. In terms of health and safety, this is where material, weight, height and suitability according to age come into play – with most buyers steering away from tall and unstable bookshelves and other chest of drawer sets in favour of wall-mounted shelves and smaller units which sit lower to the ground and do not provide that inviting climbable surface that so many children pull themselves onto at great risk. One of our favourite solutions is innovative bookshelves which are directly mounted on the wall in various designs and patterns, for example, a series of shelves which screw together on the wall to create a “book tree” – a high street purchase. Another idea growing increasingly popular is soft furniture items such as beanbags and soft chairs, which eradicate the risk of stubbed toes and trapped fingers.

What children’s furniture do I actually need?

We often recommend that parents invest in a chest of drawers and/or wardrobe which is suitable for their children wherever possible, as it is items such as this that help to educate them on the value of tidying up after themselves and ensuring that their own possessions are kept neatly stored away. Other key items of furniture include a bed, some kind of storage for all their toys and games, and a small chair where they can read and do homework, or simply spend some quiet time. The idea of children’s furniture is to start to give them their own space which is furnished with what they need to learn a little independence. Some of the best items you can purchase include all of the above and more, with many furniture retailers offering full sets of children’s furniture in complementary styles and colours to create a harmonious ambience in the room. If in doubt about the decorative finish, we suggest you opt for neutral and natural materials which can be adorned with accessories and even painted should your child wish to do so – with white proving a popular base colour which can be added to over time. For the widest selection of children’s furniture, including guidance about how to ensure everything you purchase is completely safe for your child, head to department stores and furniture retailers – particularly those with specialist sections and ranges designed for children.

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