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Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Home Accessories

When it comes to making your house feel like a home; accessories are the answer! These smaller, more personal items such as pictures, rugs and cushions create a cosy, homely feel. Here at we know a thing or two about accessories and want to help you to choose the perfect added extras for your home.We’ve put together our top tips for choosing five of the most popular home accessories – rugs, cushions, lamps, wall art and mirrors to help you create a perfect, homely feel in your house.

image-Recreate Your Favourite City Getaways At Home #2

Recreate Your Favourite City Getaways At Home #2

Recreating three of our favourite city getaways within our home interiors was just not enough! So we’ve put together our top furniture and home furnishing picks to recreate the looks of three more cities.Whether you feel like recreating the Big Apple, want to discover the minimalist Bauhaus trend or replicate Tuscany at home we have the perfect picks!

image-Recreate Your Favourite City Getaways At Home #1

Recreate Your Favourite City Getaways At Home #1

There are some cities that have an iconic feel about them that we just wish we bring home with us! Whether it’s the romance of Paris or the glamour of Hollywood, certain cities just make our hearts sing! With many of us not venturing on city getaways just yet we’ve decided to put together our top picks to help you recreate five of the most iconic city getaways in your interiors.So whether you feel like adding a touch of Parisian charm, the glamour of Hollywood or a nature-inspired Santorini touch to your home we have the perfect selection of furniture and furnishings to recreate these unique looks.


Lighting is the air that allows your interior design to breathe. You might want it to be a central feature or a neutral background but the presence of good lighting is what allows every other element of your room to be appreciated and valued. Lights spotlight your favourite pieces, wall lamps can frame a certain spot, ceiling lights can bathe the room in brightness, low hanging pendant lights can signpost your living area in a larger space. Lights are how you make your little world visible.

Lighting can be deliberately directed to suit your needs and you can single out aspects of the space that bring you particular joy or which define the character of your home. A lamp that you ...

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