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Bathroom Cabinets & Shelves

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Bathroom Cabinets & Shelves

When it comes to styling your bathroom, there are some items you want to keep on show – and some you would prefer to keep hidden. That’s why many of our members opt for a combination of cabinets and shelves, to provide the ideal storage solution for all of your possessions.

Different examples of bathroom shelves

From in-shower shelves to hold your shampoo and body wash, to ladder style shelving units which hold your accessories, face masks, razors and decorative add-ons, the range of shelving units now available for the bathroom market is huge – and wide in variety. One of the most popular styles currently available is the wide based ladder shelving unit, whereby each shelf moving upwards is smaller than the one below, creating a clever use of space which is aesthetically attractive and unique in style. Many of our members with the space for items such as these tend to dedicate shelves to cleaning products, bathing accessories and also decorative elements such as plants and framed images. In-shower shelves meanwhile are really useful for holding your must-have accessories for any shower or bath, and tend to attach to the tiles of the shower wall through suction pads. These are often made from plastic or metal based frames as they need to be waterproof, while the more on-show shelving units are typically made from wood in order to promote a natural and clean looking finish.

Where to put your bathroom cabinet

In terms of a bathroom cabinet, the most popular place seems to be above the sink – often with a mirror attached to the door and ideally placed to hold any medicines, toothpaste and other essentials. But why stop there? Investing in more cabinet space allows you to store more things in your bathroom, for example extra toilet roll, a dedicated set of cleaning supplies for the bathroom, and all the toys your children might like to play with during bath time. The beauty of a cabinet of any size is that what is inside can be concealed, and so having an extra cabinet at floor level is a good way of creating more space and hiding any unsightly items. For those members concerned about the aesthetics and appearance of their bathroom cabinet, we recommend considering the size of your bathroom and the visual atmosphere you are going for – whether you are looking to mimic a really natural space with natural woods and rustic finishes, or whether you have a theme you want to replicate with neutral colours and clever patterning.

Going down the DIY route

If in doubt, or you can’t find the set of shelves or a cabinet that perfectly matches what you’re looking for, why not design your own? For shelving, creating your own simply requires sturdy planks of wood and some reliable handiwork to attach them to the wall – providing a really nice homemade and rustic finish which is perfect in a large bathroom space. To make your own cabinet, why not invest in an affordable plain white cabinet and dress it yourself; either by painting it a different colour, attaching your own mirror to the front, or even starting from scratch with resurfacing and a more unique finish.

Sourcing the best bathroom storage

The best bathroom storage can be found across homeware and furniture stores, with arguably the best range available in homeware stores which specialise in bathroom accessories. We recommend visiting stores with showrooms which provide you with an exact view of how the cabinet or shelves will look when assembled – allowing you to check the style and size, as well as pick up inspiration around dressing your storage and making it fit your space perfectly.

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