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Toilet Brushes

A standard item found in most bathrooms, and yet one which often attracts some controversy, is the toilet brush. Is it a necessary addition to the bathroom, or is it an unsightly and unhygienic cleaning implement which we leave on show for all to see? For those members who clean their bathrooms regularly, they may argue the latter, though for those who often have guests over, the former may be a more attractive solution. One way that our members can combat the challenges which come with owning a toilet brush, is to invest in one which perhaps doesn’t look like a standard toilet brush – whether it be finished in a style to match your bathroom design, or disguised to look like something different.

Keeping your toilet brush clean and hygienic

Depending on how often it is used, most retailers and online forums recommend replacing your toilet brush entirely around every six months. In between new brushes, keeping it clean is something we know our members are interested in, so here’s how to do it: Firstly, you will notice that toilet brushes are always stored upside down, with the brush sitting in the base and just its handle sticking up. We often get asked why this is, and the answer is super simple. Every time you clean your toilet, the brush gets wet, and so storing it upside down with the brush in the base ensures that any leftover or excess moisture drains straight into the base, rather than dripping everywhere. In terms of cleaning the brush itself, the process is simple. Simply sit your brush in a bucket of hot water and bleach for up to an hour, before removing it, rinsing it with more hot water, and allowing it to dry. When you clean the brush itself, this is the ideal time to give the base a clean too, using boiling water to ensure a thoroughly clean finish.

Finding the best toilet brush for my toilet at home vs at work

While a toilet brush at work is a primarily practical object which should be as sturdy as possible, in the home you can spend a little more time researching and finding the best item to suit your overall theme. In a workplace bathroom, we often suggest that our members and other buyers opt for a white toilet brush because, particularly in a public bathroom, white is perceived as the colour of cleanliness and hygiene, and so will provide the most reassuring finish for users. In the home however, you may in fact select a colour which will better blend in with the surroundings, varying from greys to brighter colours, and even more natural materials such as a bamboo base and handle. Some of our favourite retailers have actually designed some innovative structures when it comes to the toilet brush, with some of the handles altered to curve around the toilet basin rather than simply sitting straight, and others featuring flexible handles to make for an easier and more thorough clean. One of the best things we have seen are units which come dressed as a set, merging the toilet brush and its holder in with a toilet roll storage unit and built-in bathroom bin. Not only is this practical but is also provides a harmony between design and means that all utilities are packed together in one area of the bathroom rather than spread out.

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