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Wine Racks

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Wine Racks

Every wine-lovers home has one – whether it’s in a cellar below the main house, the corner of the dining room or kitchen, or set along a hallway to showcase all its finery. Wine racks have been designed for centuries to show off a wine lovers collection; to make each type and vintage easy to find and access, and to keep wine bottles safely stored on their side which allows the cork to remain encased in wine and thus keeps it moist to prevent shrinking. With most homeware retailers offering some form of wine rack, even if it is merely built into the side of a kitchen island or cabinet unit, it is particularly great to see some stores and independent crafters creating innovative and unique solutions to wine storage which tell more of a story and turn the wine rack from a practical home feature into a real design choice.

How big should my wine rack be?

The first thing you need to decide is how much wine you want to showcase, and whether you have the space to spread out or whether you are looking for a wine rack which will save on surface space. Some of the best options for space saving we have seen focus on height rather than width or depth, stacking wine bottles on top of each other and maximising the quantity that can be stored over just a small area of floor. In terms of the quantity you have, it is worth noting that most of our retailers have options which range from 5 bottles up to 45 bottles – with many holding gaps the right size to fit not just wine bottles but also spirits and even other mixers that won’t fit in your fridge.

What should it be made of?

Your wine rack needs to be sturdy reliable as a matter of priority – particularly if it is holding expensive wine or a fine selection picked up over the years. After all, you don’t want to risk it breaking and dropping your wine all over the floor. Once you’ve determined that the structure is fit to hold your wine safely, the material you choose can be reflective of the style you are trying to achieve – from the modern and minimalist finish of a wire frame metal rack, to the rustic design of a thickset wooden rack – all the way to some of the most innovative designs currently available. While we have already depicted why storing wine on its side is crucial to the safe keeping of your wine bottles, that doesn’t mean the structure has to lie them completely horizontally. Some of our favourite wine racks on the market at the moment tilt wine bottles slightly downwards in order to display their labels better, and some are even built out of renovated wine barrels and other such practical implements which have been recycled and turned into something useful which celebrates the very origin and history of the wine it holds. If you don’t have space for an individual wine rack, consider looking into small countertop racks which can hold a few bottles and are available across more kitchenware retailers, or else look at cabinets, kitchen trolleys or units with built-in wine racks down one side – allowing you to simply use the space already taken up to keep your wine safe. These larger ticket items tend to be best purchased from furniture retailers or home stylists, as well as second hand antique dealers and independent crafters.

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