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Table Lamps

If you want a room that glows when you tell it to, dazzles when you want it to and lights up on command then you are certainly in need of a lamp. Whether you want task lighting, accent lighting or just a little extra sparkle for your room there is a place for a table lamp. A tiffany table lamp occupies a similar place to a shining pin on a coat lapel or a chandelier earring against a plain ball gown. They tie a scheme together without the need for any fussy wiring or an electrician to install them. Table Lamps are an ornament as well as a functional object, so it is important to think about how they fit into your home and what you would like them to convey. If you have a modern interior aesthetic then you might want to go for a square table lamp or a smoked glass globe light. For a more traditional interior, you could go for a ceramic base with a fabric shade in a chintz or floral print. If you like a more mixed look with a combination of a traditional fringed table lamp and other more plastic fantastic mid-century pieces then you could tie together your room with a choice of colour or pattern. For a minimal, clean aesthetic, you could go for wrought iron or a sprayed metal mount for a larger Edison style bulb. Not all table lamps are made up of a mount, a shade and a bulb. Some are small lightboxes made in geometric shapes like globes or cubes, to give a simple understated nod to modern design. Some are a homage to a natural material like a Himalayan salt lamp with a contrast between the rugged texture and the gentle rose pink of the mineral or a stunning illuminated stone table lamp. You might want a large lamp to fill an awkward corner and act as a feature. Perhaps a large ceramic vase style base or a statue style lamp. Measure and consider your space to help you use it efficiently. These lamps are best used on a high enough table to make their decorative base visible and their design easily visible. Equally a small table lamp which you want as a compact addition to a bedside table needs to be small and not crowd the items that you want to light up. The lamp that would be perfect in a bedroom will not necessarily suit your hall table or vice versa. If you already have a prominent ceiling light feature then you might want to go for a more subtle, low key style of table lamp in either a complementary colour or a similar shade. By contrast, if you have a simple ceiling fitting or a close-fitted dome, you might be looking to add a bit of flair to the room with a more ornate table lamp. For a traditional room, you might want to complement your pleated fabric ceiling shade with smaller pleated lampshades for your table lamps. For a uniform modern look, smaller chrome lamps to complement a sputnik chandelier above. If you are looking to light a coffee table that you would normally socialise around then you might want to avoid a taller table lamp so that your view of your guests is not obstructed and that you can still see out of your favourite window. If you need to be able to see all along a workbench then an adjustable table light could be ideal for your needs. Just tune in to your passions and you’ll find the table lamp you need among the amazing variety of choices.

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