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Duvet Covers & Sets

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Duvet tog buying guide

Duvet Covers & Sets

Finding the perfect duvet cover for your home is not something that should be approached lightly. The duvet cover in any bedroom has the power to control the overall vibe of the room, the quality of sleep, and comfort and the design aesthetic – and so should be selected accordingly. We often find our members asking what the most important points to consider when buying a duvet cover are, and whether buying a full set is a better option compared with selecting individual items and buying separately.

Buying a duvet set vs. purchasing individual items

The first thing to note is that a duvet set will likely be the most cost effective way of dressing a bed, as you are essentially getting a package deal with everything you need combined in one price. That being said, duvet sets often do not include a sheet and so you will need to purchase this separately to finish your bed dressing off – and any additional throws and cushions will also need to be bought separately. When it comes to buying duvet covers for children, sets tend to be the best option – pulling together whimsical characters, designs and colours in ways which delight children and can bring their favourite characters and stories to life right in the heart of their room. Adult bedrooms however are far more complex to dress, with our favoured selections and search criteria often depending on the amount of natural light available in the room, the colour of the walls, the covering on the floors, and the amount of space available. As such, when dressing an adult bed, we suggest considering a duvet set as the foundation layer of your bed, with extra throws and cushions and pillow cases available as individual purchases which can enhance the design aesthetic.

Things to look for when buying any duvet cover or set

First of all, does it fit your bedding? It can be very easy to pick up a pretty pattern without reading the size requirements, so do make sure you pay attention to the size and optimum fit. Secondly, what quality is the material and will it provide a comfortable sleep? Will you want to stay wrapped up in the duvet all day, or might it become scratchy and hot and uncomfortable? These are all things to consider if you want to ensure the best possible nights’ sleep. And then there’s the design. Is this duvet cover or set for my bedroom (in which case I can do whatever I like) or is it for a guest room? Though your home is yours and should be dressed in whichever way you see fit, we do know that our members pride themselves on being great hosts, and so we do suggest selecting bed linen for a guest room which sits on a fairly neutral level – making sure that any and all guests feel welcomed into your home. Finally, the cost. A duvet set may appear cheaper, but does it include everything you need? Remember you will have to buy a sheet separately as well as potential additional pillowcases, so it’s important to note that the duvet set price may not be you final costing commitment.

Where to find the best duvet covers and sets

By far our favourite retailers for duvet covers and sets are homeware specialists, who tend to offer a good selection of sets which are both high in quality and in design choice. The truth is, taste is very varied and we all like different things, to ensuring you head to a retailer large enough to stock a wide variety of designs is key if you want a good choice. Start at department stores before branching into furniture retailers and other homeware specialists.

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