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As consumers, we tend to select and buy cushions based on a couple of different criteria:

  • The way they raise and elevate the aesthetic profile of a room or a piece of furniture

  • The comfort they add to a piece of furniture

  • The way they inject colour or vibrance into a room

Cushions are one of the most versatile method of adding decoration to a space, whether they be indoor sofa or armchair cushions, outdoor lounger cushions, floor cushions or simple decorative cushions added to a hard surface to soften its appearance and bring together a decorative style.

Using cushions for decoration

From colour to pattern, imagery and texture, the way that we use cushions for decoration is largely dependent on the room that the cushions are designed for and the way that our home uses different elements to add decoration and visual interest. We tend to find that cushions for main living spaces utilise a combination of both colour and texture to add to the aesthetics of the space, with modern homes in particular lending themselves to the different materials used in popular cushions for adding extra depth to the space. For example, a neutrally coloured sofa can instantly be elevated both by a pop of a vibrant colour or through the use of a standout texture – such as a fluffy cushion or one with tassels. Outdoor cushions meanwhile tend to be made from waterproof material, making them durable for use outdoors and able to withstand adverse weather conditions – without compromising on their style and aesthetic value. Whether you are looking for cushions to line a lounger, ones to act as floor cushions or garden stools, or simple cushions added to your dining chairs to give them a lift of colour and detail, consider the way your garden uses colour and various materials, and ensure that any cushions you choose do not clash with or overpower the natural beauty of the outdoor space. Moving into children’s spaces, we find ourselves looking at cushions which use colour, characterisation and various shapes to inject life into the soft furnishings of a room, with some of the most popular children’s cushions including their favourite characters and motifs. As a top tip for parents, when your child is going through a phase where they particularly love a certain character, look at buying a cushion in that style rather than a whole new bedspread or wall painting – saving you money and time when they inevitably do a U-turn and change their mind.

What makes a cushion comfortable?

The comfort of a cushion largely relies on a combination of the outer fabric, and the inner filling which bulks out the main shaped of the cushion and creates its overall feel. We tend to recommend that buyers look for cushions with covered flaps rather than zips or buttons as these can sometimes affect the comfort and feel of the cushion – though buttons in particular are often included as part of the decorative aesthetic of the cushion and so in some cases are a key part of a design. One of the main things to note about any cushion is that most models and ranges provide fillings and covers which can be switched around and changed according to your requirements, allowing users to buy the cover they love and then pair it with a new filling or cushion pad to ensure that it also provides them with the comfort and support that they are looking for. The best cushions, both covers and cushion pads, can often be found in high street homeware retailers, department stores and home styling stores.

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