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Bathroom Furniture & Storage

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Bathroom Furniture & Storage

The bathroom is a space in the house which should be as practical as it is stylish and comfortable – inviting users to feel at ease and relaxed in the privacy of a well-designed bathroom. We know that our members’ homes all boast a range of bathroom styles, from large wide-spread rooms through to wet rooms and small family bathrooms – and so finding the right furniture and storage solutions for a range of different bathroom designs is key to achieving your perfect finish.

Furnishing a small bathroom

From shelving to covered cabinets, furnishing a small bathroom is all about making use of the space available and making sure that everything provides a useful purpose which blends in with the surroundings. If your home benefits from a small bathroom or even a wet room, it is important that all the furniture you choose is waterproof and will not be damaged by regularly being splashed or covered in condensation – often meaning that any wooden furniture needs to be coated with a protectant seal before being installed. For the best storage solutions, consider thinking outside the box and selecting pieces of furniture which can sit around functional installations in your bathroom. Cabinets that sit below the sink and on the wall are both great solutions which are popular with many homeowners, while tall cabinets and shelving units are also good ways to use the height of a room to spread upwards rather than outwards. In terms of design for a small bathroom, the lighter the furnishings and storage solutions you select, the larger and brighter your room will appear to be. Many bathrooms often have closed blinds or distorted glass to ensure privacy, but this also means that they have less natural light – so a smaller space can easily seem quite cramped. The lighter the furniture you use, the more naturally enhanced your space will become.

Furnishing a large bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, the luxury of large pieces of furniture and cabinets means that you have the space to spread your items and possessions around with standalone furnishings and different levelled surfaces. Aside from the practical storage solutions and cabinets for your various products and bathroom tools, consider adding items which are there to provide relaxation and enjoyment as well as practical benefits – for example, shelving units with appropriate bathroom quotes and designs, potted plants and candles. All of these items will make your large space appear cosier and more welcoming, which will enhance your enjoyment of the space.

The practicalities around finding the best bathroom furniture and storage

Some of the best bathroom furniture pieces available on the market can be found in homeware retailers and specific plumbing retailers, who understand the importance of bathroom furniture which looks good but will also withstand regularly becoming damp and wet. You will find that your search regularly embodies pieces which are made to measure, particularly if dressing a smaller bathroom where you want your pieces to fit around existing installations, for example the toilet or the sink. For these pieces, we recommend bringing in an expert who can measure the exact specifications and fit your item for you. Aside from the waterproof element of your bathroom furniture, in terms of storage we recommend providing a selection of covered and uncovered solutions, so that guests and residents alike are able to easily locate the shampoo and conditioner they want to use, while being able to hide more personal items behind the privacy of closed cabinet doors.

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