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Kitchen & Pantry Cabinets

From the rustic wood of a country farmhouse kitchen, to the sleek minimalism of a modern kitchen complete with white surfaces and clutter-free appliances, the cabinets you select have the power to completely transform the look of your kitchen or pantry, and influence the vibe from home kitchen to professional food preparation area. The fact is, while white surfaces and appliances are commonly associated with hygiene and the cleanliness you might expect in a hospital or professional food area, the practicality around keeping on top of pure white surfaces and cabinet doors is a long and arduous process which – in the eyes of most of our members – is not worth the hassle. Therefore, we can conclude that many of our members and other buyers are looking for cabinets which not only look great but are also practical in the face of real life and everyday use.

How many cabinets do I need in my kitchen and/or pantry?

The quantity of cabinets will depend on everything from the space you have available, to the amount of storage you need. Particularly inside a kitchen, you will find cabinets at both a floor height and over the head height, with most users storing pots and pans lower down, and food higher up to keep them safe from pets and wandering children. The pantry is no different, though we often see that homes with pantry’s tend to opt for shelves over cabinets to make accessibility as easy as possible. For smaller kitchens, consider including a large cabinet at one end of your worksurfaces which provides a full length of shelving inside it – perfect for tins, cereals and other items with a longer shelf life. By investing a dedicated larger cabinet for these items, you will give yourself the practical ease of a pantry without actually needing an entirely separate space. By utilising a floor to ceiling height, you also maximise the space available and optimise a smaller surface area.

What colour and finish should I be looking for?

If your kitchen is regularly filled with friends and family, white or a pale cream for your cabinets is a choice you may live to regret. We tend to suggest that those with busy kitchens opt for greys and other colours which do not necessarily spark emotions, but rather create more of a warm and cosy feel. Darker blues, greens and even terracotta oranges are all popular colours in country style kitchens. And if you’re really worried about mess, make sure the surface finish is wipe-clean friendly.

Where can I get tailormade cabinets?

If you’re investing in an entirely new kitchen, you will likely be given the chance to select your cabinets in line with the rest of the appliances and fittings. For these kinds of purchases, head to home renovation companies and specialised kitchen fitters – who will guide you towards the best options and install them for you.

Where can I buy cabinets off the shelf?

A large number of our homeware and furniture retailers sell individual cabinets as one-off purchases, though if you wish to fix these to a wall you will need to head to a DIY retailer to pick up the right brackets and wall fixings. For the best selection of modern designs head to high street retailers, or else you can try our second hand and antique style dealers who may have one-off pieces which boast their own small slice of history and can create a focal feature in your kitchen or pantry.

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