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Cot Sheets

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Cot Sheets

From anti-allergy to temperature control, comfort and support, the cot sheet you select to line your baby’s cot will likely have a big impact on their quality of sleep their overall health. The cot sheet, which sits under your baby and acts as somewhat of a mattress, could be patterned or plain, a mixture of different textures and thicknesses, and boasting a variety of additional features. So, with all that choice, what exactly should you be looking for when purchasing a cot sheet?

Top considerations when purchasing a cot sheet

Before we turn our attention to aesthetics let’s first look at the most practical aspects of a cot sheet. Firstly, the cot sheet should ideally be fitted to ensure it sits snugly onto the cot mattress, without being displaced or moved around as your baby sleeps. You will find that a number of cot sheets are pitted as waterproof or water-absorbent to ensure that your baby is comfortable all through the night even if there are accidents – with these most practical of designs available in most baby retailers. If you choose to opt for more of a standard cot sheet, you may wish to invest in an underlayer which is absorbent – for the same reasons. Then we come to the additional features – the material, the textures, and the support available for your baby. An increasing number of hypo-allergenic cot sheets are becoming available on the market, matching the rise in demand we have seen across standard bed sheets for adult and children’s bedrooms alike. These hypo-allergenic cot sheets, especially those made with organic materials, are particularly good for young children who have sensitive skin or who seem to be more affected by allergens in the air. With regards to the different textures of cot sheet available, you should be looking for optimum softness with enough grip that your baby is comfortable without sliding around every time they move – adults may love silk sheets, but for babies the sheen of silky material is simply impractical and unnecessary. The final thing to consider when looking at potential cot sheets, is the breathability of the fabric and whether it will support not just the warming of your baby when it’s cold, but the cooling down of your baby if they become too hot. Cot sheets are specifically designed to support comfort all year round, though we suggest buying different sheets for each season, and also considering innovative solutions such as bamboo sheets which are available for a premium through specialist retailers and may provide additional benefits to those found in a high street supermarket.

The look and aesthetics of a cot sheet

Imagine you are buying a sheet for your own bed – do you choose something bright and vibrant, or something neutral and calming which will help relax you? While it can be tempting to select something covered in colour and characters for your babies bed, remember that the cot is where they are trying to sleep and so it may be worth investing in something a little more peaceful in order to aid their sleep. We recommend purchasing cot sheets in packs of more than one so that you always have a clean one in rotation, and would suggest investing in a few different designs and finishes as much for your own aesthetic enjoyment as that of your babies. Pastel colours work really nicely and are available in most retailer who sell costs, as well as babywear stores and department retailers.

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