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Children's Cushions

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Children's Cushions

One of our favourite things when it comes to browsing the range of cushions, accessories and other items in the collections designed for children, is the wide variety of not just designs but also textures, finishes and shapes available. It seems that retailers have really hit the children’s market on the head in recent years, covering everything from soft cushions and juxtaposing textures for young children, to intricately designed characters for slightly older children, and a real focus on style and interpretation for those approaching young adulthood.

When it comes to designing and decorating a child’s room, the cushions are generally where all the energy into theming can be found – after all, it is much easier to recover and replace an outdated cushion than it is to buy a whole new bedding set or repaint an entire themed wall.

The children’s cushion market is an endless emporium of possibility, and with so many different choices available with complimentary sets and mix and match options across most homeware and department store retailers, the real challenge comes in choosing the best – and not trying to take everything home with you!

The material and added features of children’s cushions

This is where we generally find cushions segmented by age suitability, with cushions for the youngest of children generally featuring a very soft touch feel with a juxtaposing texture in some styles for added interest and engagement. These cushions for very young children tend to be decorated with block colours and very simple designs, encouraging interaction but mainly designed to suit the style of the room rather than be something that the child will necessarily recognise as a specific character.

As children grow older, buyers will notice that cushions start to include more detail and intricacy, for example featuring full scenes in line with themes and popular movies or TV characters. This also tends to be when more textures are added as stand out features, for example the skirt of a ballet dancer being made from a netted material, while her ballet shoes are covered with a silk satin finish.

And then there’s the most complex material designs and finishes – those featuring the most extravagant add-ons such as tassels and sequins – essentially all the things which, for a young child, would be considered a hazard. These tend to be the cushions where older children can embrace more of a stylistic design rather than characters, with most ranges in retailers featuring quotes and modern design styles rather than children’s tv characters.

Standout shapes and themes

Head to any soft furnishing or cushion retailer, and you will see that the children’s range is full of different shapes and sizes of cushion – from the round pillows adorned with faces and popular logos, to 3D animal shaped cushions and sequin-covered creations.

It is worth noting that any cushion with any small parts or potentially hazardous features should be kept away from small children, as anything can become a choking risk – from the sequins on a cushion heart, to the fabric teeth sticking out of the cushioned dinosaurs mouth.

Finding the perfect children’s cushions

Our favourite retailers for children’s cushions include department stores, homeware stylists and interior stores with a focussed range for children. The age of your child will determine and influence the ideal kind of retailer, with older children’s cushions often being found mixed in with adults ranges – while those for younger children may well be mixed in with the baby and nursery ranges.

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