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Living Room Furniture

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Living Room Furniture

Next to the kitchen, the living room is the other primary space in your home where guests and residents alike can gather together and enjoy good company; a relaxing room filled with the kinds of soft furnishings and possessions which capture your family life to a tee. The living room is one of the first rooms which any new homeowner seeks to make their own, but accessorising and decorating cannot begin until the integral pieces of furniture have been purchased and moved into place.

The perfect seating

From sofas to armchairs, the perfect seating for your living room needs to be comfortable and complimentary to the space around it. Though many of our members and other buyers simply seek to buy the biggest sofa they can afford or fit in the room, we recommend taking a step back and reviewing whether the room would look better with one large sofa or with a smaller sofa and one or two armchairs. We often find that the rustic charm of a country home benefits from a couple of different seating options perhaps with slightly different styling, while a more modern living space can be complimented with different seats which offer straight lines and angular finishes – corner sofas being among the most popular. All of these sofa styles and more can be viewed at furniture showrooms before purchase. If you’re dressing more of a traditional home, some of our top retailers specialise in creating mimics of old fashions and designs, with extravagant wooden details topped with regal and much richer colours than modern homeowners buy.

The perfect coffee table

The perfect coffee table may be completely natural and created from a slice of an old oak tree; it may be topped with glass; it may be handcrafted from cut out magazine clippings and images; or it may simply be painted white to create the perfect base for accessorising. Whatever your perfect coffee table, one of the most important things to consider is the space and where you will put it – ensuring that you leave enough space for easy access to the sofa and the rest of the room, but also making sure that the coffee table surface is large enough to serve a purpose. Some of the best coffee tables on the market at the moment are available through furniture and homeware retailers, with department stores also offering a limited selection as part of their outdoor and indoor dining ranges.

Displaying your TV and other possessions

Having the best living room furniture does not just mean comfort and practicality – it also means providing the best possible place to keep your television and other possessions stored and on show where necessary. This means TV units, chest of drawers or bookshelves, and side tables among other items. When it comes to dressing your room with these additional furnishings, one of our top tips is to make sure that even if you select individual items from different homeware and furniture retailers, try and ensure that everything in your living room compliments the other items as harmoniously as possible in terms of its era and style. While an eclectic mix of colours and patterns can be charming in the right kind of home, furniture from different eras can quickly look messy and can take away the relaxing vibe you are trying to create.

Accessorising your living room

Accessorising your living room means dressing all of that furniture and taking it from useful to beautiful. This means furnishing and pillows, cushions and throws, photo frames and plant pots, and all the other items which highlight your style.

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