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Computer Desks

The right desk can mean the difference between a productive workspace and an everyday struggle – with small desks creating issues with space while large desks can ultimately leave you lost in a sea of paper and unnecessary storage. When it comes to finding a dedicated computer desk, many of our members find that the simpler and more basic the design the better – offering enough space to house the computer, the keyboard and the mouse, without too much unused surface. What you use your computer for can be another factor in determining the perfect computer desk. Let’s look a little closer at the options available for different users, and where to pick up the best computer desks.

The Desk Worker

If you’re a computer-based worker, you will likely want a computer desk which provides not just space on the surface but also at least a couple of concealed drawers or shelving spaces. Many of the retailers we offer provide desks with built-in shelving units or drawer cabinets, to stash away accessories, writing equipment, tools and paperwork until needed. The beauty of computer desks in particular is that, in general, they take up less space – so if you are a worker who doesn’t need too much beyond just a computer and the most basic of accessories and other tools, opting for a computer desk will ensure you can maximise the space you have available without wasting it. Some of the best computer desks offered by these retailers are plain with simple structures, which makes them affordable particularly when compared to more extravagant desks which can often take up a lot more room and come with a heftier price tag. If you’re looking for the best computer desk for office work, consider wood structures or manufactured materials which hold together well and can be selected in a range of colours from homeware and DIY stores.

The Gamer

For those computer users who are into gaming, the computer desk you want should be basic in design, sometimes with adjustable height levers though often with just a solid base structure that you are proud to show off and that supports your gaming habits. The idea of a computer desk for a gamer is to provide the optimum base from which to play their game, so these often come in dark designs – notably black – so as not to detract from the computer screen during play, with the adjustable height setting on some models allowing for optimum ergonomic support during use in long play sessions. Some of our more technical minded members may be particularly impressed by some of the most high-end computer desks for gamers, which feature hidden light strips to maximise visibility during your gaming sessions. Cable management is a feature which many of our members look for no matter what they intend to use their computer desk for, with the best of these offering slots and space towards the back of the desk in which to thread, store and hide away the unwanted cables and wires which can turn a computer space into an eyesore.

In summary

In short, the idea of a computer desk is to turn the electronic hub of the house into an area which supports its main use, while still providing an aesthetically pleasing and tidy living space. Computer desks are typically more compact than regular office desks, but that doesn’t make them any less sturdy or supportive, with ergonomics, comfort and style still at the heart of the overall finish and design.

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