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Bathroom Spotlights

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Bathroom Spotlights

Bathroom spotlights are a stylish way to up the stakes with your bathroom lighting. They are useful as a mainstay of your lighting, in a room where lighting is of paramount importance for ambience and cleanliness. You can use a collection of them to create an overall effect, from subtle recessed options all the way to a cluster of close-fitted spotlights with glass or metal shades to direct or magnify the illumination. Recessed spotlights are a pared-down option that can fit in with any bathroom and still make a great contribution. If you go for recessed bathroom spotlights then you can still make other traditional or victorian bathroom decor choices. You don’t need to give up your pedestal sink or claw foot bath in order to have a modern lighting set up. Likewise, you can go for a natural feel with ferns, bamboo accents and have your spotlights fit in with the unfussy tropical atmosphere. You can choose an energy-efficient option by going for LED spotlights or a low voltage bulb, practicality is a major advantage of bathroom spotlights. Swivel spotlights are a great choice if you want the chance to choose which area you highlight at different times. They can be adjusted by hand or wired in and programmed to move depending on how you prefer to move them. This means if you move your feature pot plant and instead have your laundry hamper where it was, you don’t have to keep your highlight there. LED bathroom spotlights are eco friendly and durable. They are usually less bulky than a normal light fitting with a tidy, self-contained appearance. The range of lighting effects they can be used to create make them helpful for both an overall effect and specific highlights. As a bonus, they are easy to install and will either be a manageable job for a handy person to do themselves or a quick, simple job for a qualified electrician. That means no big bills, no long disruptive building works. Choose positions for your inset bathroom downlights, roughly half a metre away from the edge of the ceiling and space them as evenly as possible for a consistent light across your bathroom. The fewer shadows you can create, the brighter and more smooth the overall effect will be. On the other hand, if you want to use your spotlights to draw the eye along the room or provide extra light in a particular area, you could choose to have them set in a line over your bath and shower. For a more traditional aesthetic, you could go for glass shaded spotlights. They can suit the space over the mirror, by themselves or in a cluster or a line. You can either choose a narrow beam to focus down on your basin and vanity counter area or go for a wider focus which will diffuse out and give out light more widely. For the rustic effect, consider spotlight fittings with mason jar shades or have your spotlights set into a clear varnished wooden plank. In a bathroom where you want a cutting edge modern scheme, you could choose chrome-ringed spotlights or gunmetal fixtures that stand up well to humidity but add a decorative edge to their effective lighting. Even the tone of the light can be adjusted to your needs from a bright blue-white to a warmer golden tone. Bathroom spotlights are attractive, multi-purpose, utilitarian and pretty all at once. They don’t need any complex process to install and they are usually a good value option for giving you a custom light arrangement. There’s nothing to lose but your gloomy corners.

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