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Children's Mattresses & Protectors

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Children's Mattresses & Protectors

When it comes to the transition from cot to bed, there are a number of things you need to consider to ensure the optimum support and comfort for your child. And with mattress retailers across the sector promising the world on their labels and TV adverts but providing often minimal information with regards to solid facts and figures, understanding exactly what you’re looking for is key to ensuring the best possible mattress for your child.

The first thing to note is that memory foam mattresses have a really wide following, but are not great for growing children, as they do not provide the same level of support as a pocket spring mattress. Ideally, the mattress you should be looking for will have a solid and firm base, which will keep your child safely positioned without adapting to their body shape – as a foam mattress would do. The top layers provide the comfort and softness of a welcoming mattress – and this can be benefitted further by the addition of a suitable mattress protector.

Top uses of a mattress protector

First and foremost, your mattress protector should not detract from any of the benefits of the mattress itself. All too often we see buyers investing heavily in natural upholstery fibres, only to find that the protector they purchase completely neutralises all the natural benefits and leaves the child sleeping on the foam topper than you should be trying to avoid.

Another benefit of a mattress protector is that during those early years, waterproof protectors can protect the mattress from late night accidents, and can be super absorbent to ensure your child is not left lying in liquid. These are ideal for regular use and super easy to clean and are a real lifesaver when it comes to that difficult transition from cot to bed.

Finally, mattresses and mattress protectors can both be very beneficial to children who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin, provided you select the right one which is designed to combat common allergens.

Aesthetics and pleasing your child as they move to a proper mattress

Making the process fun is key if you want your child to settle into their new bed and mattress without difficulty, so we recommend involving them in the process and highlighting how grown up the whole thing is. Encourage them to pick out their own bedding, and tell them that the new mattress will be a portal for their dreams to come to life during the night; sparking their imagination and creativity, and ensuring that they do not feel daunted by the change.

In terms of longevity, the highest quality mattresses will always last the longest, with price points varying dependent on the materials used and the overall finish and quality. As we said before, foam mattresses may seem supe easy and straightforward, but the single cut design means they provide little support for your child’s growing spine, and the lifespan is simply nowhere near as long as that of a pocket spring mattress or similar.

Where possible, head to retailers who herald and champion natural fibres and handmade processes, as these will no doubt be the best quality choices for your child. If you are concerned about them growing out of a bed too quickly, skip the toddler bed size and transition straight to a standard single that they can use for years to come – supporting their growth and giving them some continuity for their bedroom.

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