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Bathroom Wall Lights

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Bathroom Wall Lights

The fundamental things to consider when lighting your bathroom, are the intensity of the light you need, the best possible placement to maximise your light without constantly getting it wet, and of course the suitability of your light in damp conditions. While bathroom wall lights of old were generally made up of standalone bulbs or plastic covers, today’s modern wall lights are stylish and fit for purpose – designed to withstand water splashes and condensation, without the conditions causing the light to be shielded behind a layer of fog. Aside from standalone wall lights, bathrooms are also commonly fitted with strip lighting and even lit wall mirrors – each fulfilling its own purpose and its own unique design trend.

The top uses and benefits of bathroom wall lights

A lot of bathrooms tend to be lit with one central ceiling light, shining the light down from above with what is often a bright light – though this will depend on the lifespan and brightness of the bulb you install. While this is practical and convenient and kept well away from water, it does little for the design aesthetic of the bathroom – with lampshades and chandeliers often not suitable for the damp conditions of a bathroom. Bathroom wall lights allow you to focus light on the areas you want it most, lighting up spaces which become easily forgotten and making beauty and vanity activities much easier. For example, investing in a mirror surrounded by lights – or simply installing a couple of wall lights either side of your mirror – can vastly improve the view of your face and its blemishes, making treatment and make up application tons easier no matter how much natural light is available in the room. Achieving a similar job, strip lights may often be relegated to community bathrooms and regarded as cheap, but when used in a modern bathroom these can in fact create an industrial and on-trend design feel which can bring together a theme – complimenting metal shelving and plain white surfaces. And then there’s drop lights and up-lighting bathroom wall lights – both selected and installed as much for their practicality as for their design flair. Some of our favourite designs utilise a combination of metal and glass – or else rely on more natural materials such as wood (though care needs to be taken to ensure that the wood does not become damaged or constantly damp, using some form of varnish to protect its surface).

What to look at when buying bathroom wall lights

Assessing how your lights will be operated is one key part of shopping for any kind of light – including wall lights. One of the benefits of wall lights is that some come with their own individual switch – meaning they can be operated as singular lights rather than as part of a group. However, in a bathroom you may find that it is easier to switch them all on and off together – this is something to discuss with the electrician fitting the lights. Deciding which height to install them at is also important, as we tend to use our bathroom on different levels depending on which appliance or area we are using – for example showering, sitting in the bath, or bending over the sink. This should be particularly considered if your lights jut out from the wall, as they could cause a hazard if badly positioned.

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